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  • Shimano 520 to 540 pedals – worth the upgrade?
  • rascal

    As above…need to replace 520s…worth doing 540s?


    happy to have done so myself

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    depends, twice the price(ish) little bit lighter, little nicer looking won’t last twice as long, can’t really say I notice a difference in function.

    edit Just checked, 540s are available for less than I thought. Upto you if you wanna pay the extra tenner.


    I have mostly because they are easier to service as it can be done with conventional spanners rather than buying special tool or having to bodge one. An adjustment and re grease every so often and they go on and on and on…..


    I don’t think 520 to 540 is worth it in cost terms.

    I was using a pair of 520’s for a couple of years with no problems whatsoever, until my bike was pinched.

    I spec’d 540’s on the insurance replacement simply because the valuation allowed it, but I can’t say I’ve noticed any difference.

    I wouldn’t have paid for 540’s out of my own pocket considering the quality and reliability of the 520’s.


    I always go for 540s as I find 520 bearings don’t last anywhere near as long. My SPDs can have a hard life on my cross bikes being regularly jet-washed though.


    Might be subjective, but I think my 540s feel nicer. Smoother entry / exit. But objectively there’s very little difference – both last ages. I’d go for the 540s – what’s the extra tenner over the life of the pedal? £2 / year?

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    At RRP (£35 vs £55)? No…

    At the prices you can get them online for these days (£17.50 vs £27.50)? Subjective, they are a little bit better, a little bit easier to look after and potentially have better bearings. But then for £17.50 with cleats, the M520’s are silly cheap, and if they die you don’t worry about replacing them. There’s not even much weight difference wither. But it is only £10, and the 540’s potentially last longer… Your money, your choice.


    don’t ride spuds any more but remember when i looked at it deciding 540s are basically XTs (M770) in a different skin, but 520s are the budget OEM that come on many bikes. then I went for Time Xroc, much better 🙂 classic confusing Shimano numbers.

    basically yeah if you want a classic cageless spud, get the 540.

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