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  • wors

    Any good? Sister in law lives in Lincoln. Thought i might take the bike down next time we go if it’s any good.


    a lot of people slate it,

    But i had a good day there with a few mates, had enough time in the day to fly round a few of the routes.

    You’d be best waiting till its dryer though, parts get a bit boggy.


    Very flat, very fast.
    Full of people of DH bikes with armour and full-faces, comically overbiked, but hey, at least they are out riding.
    Worth a visit if you are in the area, not worth a long drive to.

    It’s better than not riding is probably the best thing I could say about it! Depends what you like, if you’re into very undulating (there’s no real elevation) smooth surfaced singletrack then you’ll probably have fun.

    The “downhill” park was my favourite bit.

    Premier Icon Mad Pierre

    It’s a fun fast lap if you pedal enough. They’ve been gradually improving it so it’s not as boggy as it used to be. Plenty of nice off-piste stuff too. If you see a trail just head down it. The forest isn’t big enough to get proper lost.

    Premier Icon sparkyrhino

    well worth a trip if your in the area.absolute blast other week in the fresh snow

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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