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  • I’m going just after Christmas and wondered which bike to take, SS 29er or the Zesty, what so you reckon?


    Whichever has mud spikes..

    Is it a bit moist then? How hilly?


    How hilly?

    Not very.


    not very hilly at all, i’d take the SS

    i find it fun when ridden flat out/fast, has some flow

    not been for a wile tho and i think some work has/is getting done on it


    If youre off piste its moist, the red has been sorted a lot, still moist in places.

    Premier Icon cp

    Defo not the Zesty, absolutely no need for it.

    Just had a great laugh round there today at the CX race 🙂

    I ride there most weeks, have been riding it ss for last two autumn/winters, a mate had a 29er and thought it was well suited to pines. I think you will enjoy it ss and if you see a gap in the trees off the red trail take yourself off down it as you will find lots of good xc race routes which can be tight and twisty and good fun. It’s not very hilly compared to Peak District for example but there are bits of gradient so not flat as a pancake.

    Robhenry is right hit it with some speed and just carry your momentum and it is good for getting out on, enjoy


    “the Zesty, absolutely no need for it”
    maybe not on the red, though you may still find it fun
    If you add on some runs on the bikepark/’downhill’/dirt jumps and like your airtime then you’ll get some use out of it

    Premier Icon timidwheeler

    Anyone know if it’s all open at the moment? I heard that bits were going to be closed for work.

    Anyone know if there is anywhere to park nearby. The wife and I was going to go on christmas day, but its the only day of the year its not open. I’m assuming that I won’t be able to get in the car park


    Dog n duck pub 100 yds down road

    Cheers, Just checked their website 5 course meal very nice, me thinks the car park might be full.

    Premier Icon alexpalacefan

    Plenty of cheeky parking about.
    Deffo take the SS (although a 26 would be better, it’s tight in places!)

    The red route should be fine, there may be some standing water right after rain, but the surface should all be good.




    Park here:
    South Forest Leisure Complex
    Robin Hood Crossroads Clipstone Rd Edwinstowe, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire NG21 9JA?

    Right opposite is a bridleway. Follow that round the fields until you come to a fire road. Turn right onto that and follow into Sherwood Pines. Once into the Pines turn right and follow the path a hundred yards or so and section 4 (I thinks it’s 4) is on the left. Rest is way marked.


    I hear the bike park is open again, not been down to check it out in toto yet though…

    Might be a case of them opening it as the contractor is off for christmas, I doubt they’ve finished what was planned…

    Does anyone know what conditions are like at the moment? Planning to ride there on Saturday morning as long as it’s not too snowy/icy/muddy.


    partyboy1101 – Member
    Does anyone know what conditions are like at the moment? Planning to ride there on Saturday morning as long as it’s not too snowy/icy/muddy.

    I went down a couple of weeks ago just after the first ‘dumping’ of snow and it was fine, I imagine its a bit wet but its pretty well covered by the trees so hopefully wont be too snowy or icy, I could be wrong though!


    Muddy ice cream flavoured with sand sprinkled on top.

    It;s nasty.
    I live on the edge of the forest & just simply avoiding it as much as I can at the moment!
    If it freezes hard it’ll be good fun again, but if the temp rises & snow melts it won’t be a huge amount of fun.
    Make sure you’ve got some spare brake pads & aren’t too precious about your drive train either!

    Cheers goldenwonder, sounds like it’s a bit mucky!

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