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  • Shell Bay seafood restaurant near Poole worth a try?
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    I know some of you are from the Poole/Swanage area so can anyone give me an opinion of the Shell Bay seafood restaurant, just over the ferry from Sandbanks? Reviews are very mixed so I’d like to hear from anyone with recent experience. The location looks great, does the food match?


    Surprised you’ve found mixed reviews, I’ve only ever heard very positive things about Shell Bay.

    I live in Bournemouth and ate at Shell Bay a few months ago, it was excellent.

    You’ll struggle to find a more picturesque location anywhere in the country, fantastic views of Brownsea Island, Sandbanks and Poole Harbour. I was there on a date with my (now) girlfriend (Very romantic, especially if you cross on the chain ferry as a foot passenger)

    It’s primarily a seafood restaurant, but there’s always a meat/vegetarian option too. Other good seafood restaurants in the area include Fishy Fishy (Dermot O’Leary’s place by Poole Quay), Westbeach (near Bournemouth Pier) and a branch of Loch Fyne (Canford Cliffs).

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    Thanks, I shall book a table. The location is pretty damn good & if the evening is fine a walk to the chain ferry will be nice too.

    I will check out the other places you mention too, thanks again.

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