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  • alpin

    ctznsmith – Premier Member

    @alpin blimey! …when does a shed stop being a shed and need planning permission/building regs?

    or a dwelling…. don't know, didn't ask, don't want to.

    No pics from me, got a 6×4 metal shed at the moment that has my MTB, 2 road bikes, my wifeys MTB & sons MTB & road bike. Plus garden tools, bike tools, turbo trainer, & associated other crap.

    Needless to say a shed upgrade is on the cards for the new year, garden space still a premium in rabbit hutch britain though, so I'll be measuring what I need for usable space for bikes, tools, and maybe space to turbo train.

    Premier Icon Andy

    Sold my 5' x 7' shed on ebay. Wanted just a fiver and the pleasure of it being removed. Ended at Β£130. Buyer drove 70 miles to collect with a Ute expecting to lift it assembled on the back, tie it down with a rope and scoot round the M25 and up the M1. Persuaded him to dismantle which was quite destructive as it was nailed together. When he left he said "its the first thing I've bought on ebay and my first shed, I'm so excited!!". πŸ˜†

    My 1 1/2 length garage is now my shed as its too narrow to get a car in. Should do some photos really!

    45mm thick, double glazed throughout.
    This was taken just as construction was completed last year.

    Some great sheds on here chaps. That old Bultaco looks like fun. A mate of mine has a shed full of old PEs and an IT 200.

    Premier Icon stevemakin

    Gents, you might like to consider just how much info you put on this thread πŸ™‚


    alpin, good job there! if I'm being really critical, the only thing I don't quite like about it is the bargain front door – just a bit too domestic looking me thinks. πŸ˜‰

    tinsy, I remember those Gilera's, a bit like a Garelli? I had a fizzy, which I ported and messed about with, then went and put a YB100 engine in it, which I then ported etc, etc πŸ™‚ happy days!

    I'd really love to make my own shed, as mine is almost collapsing into the neighbours garden. I'd choose local oak which isn't as expensive as you may think – straight from the sawmill and 'green' (unseasoned) 😯 πŸ™‚


    Cheers woodsman, 50cc of pure pulsating power, well it seemed that way when I was 9, but can still pop a wheelie (with effort) 33 years on. Worthless really but I love it.

    Alpin sure did well to get his done for 1k my base cost Β£300 to do myself!

    The Bult and I have unfinished buisness the pic was from the one and only meeting I did on it (5 years ago), a 2 dayer twinshock champs (much like SS MTB champs for the hairy faced), I seized it twice and snapped one of the shocks in half, didnt finish one race but led 2 of em, its actually running a pair of shocks that came off a PE of some kind, I had to make my own shock bushes with bits from the toolbox to get them on it. One day it will live again and I will get it to a finish line.

    Heed Steve Makins warning, dont put too much info into the thread I had a pannick about it last night, my new shed was bought, as my old shit one got broken into and I lost 2 of my prized possesions, I am proud of my shed and collection of old crap, but maybe its like advertizing. πŸ˜•

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    I am solely responsible for all aspects of gardening except "strategic design concepts".

    Bd – does that mean you're just the (unpaid) labour? Think Mrs BD's onto a winner here..!

    No shed for me because:

    1. Only a small yard and no room;
    2. Not permitted to erect a shed by covenant on property title; and
    3. I have a cellar, which stores all I need. Much better than a shed.


    I can't think security will be much of an issue by posting on here, unless you have an address – there are a lot of gardens and sheds in the country to match up with pics!!

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