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  • Good Morning All

    Would appreciate any advice regarding the use of monitors to back up security in the bike storage area. The signal would have to pass through two brick walls.

    Anyone have any good or bad experiences, or any model they would recommend?

    Thanks in anticipation 🙂

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    Yep. Did it for a while after an attempted break in. Distance of about 20m and worked well, but it kept picking up noise from high winds so we ditched it. Was good though as it had a 2 way intercom, so you could have scared the bejesus out of any scum that got in!


    I bought one of these before Christmas

    Sensor in the garage, alarm unit is remote and in my bedroom. So anyone triggering it won’t know there’s an alarm (there is a LED on the sensor which comes on when triggered but some duct tape sorted that 😉 ).


    hmmm our baby alarm plays soothing music on demand. imagine hearing a noise of some scrote breaking into the garage, set the lullabies going, then find him curled up asleep several later after you’ve had chance to get out of bed, get tooled up and maybe make a coffe 1st….

    plus one

    I have these been fine so far only issue is when planes fly overhead it gives off a bit static but fine with winds etc.. I was worried I would hear too much noise outside the shed but it’s silent.. Once I start moving/shaking padlock or knocking shed door it’s clear as a bell 🙂

    I’m around 20m from shed and through few brick walls ..


    I have door sensors on the garage rigged to main house alarm. Since all my work tools got nicked a coue of years ago I have been very careful.

    All the pies, fwiw, I have intentionally left the LEDs clear in the hope that it will send the bastards a message to bugger off pdq when they see it even if they don’t hear the house alarm (which they should).

    I also have signs on the doors with “Doors Alarmed”, oh yes and then I reverse right up to them when I’m in.

    Prevention better than cure IMHO.

    Thanks for the info.

    Monkey, yes I had wondered about all the background noise and as there is a partial steel roof fitted (loud in the rain) so would have to be careful where setting up the monitor or set the receiver to such a low volume I would only hear when significant damage was being caused. This might be a little late as I want an early warning system to back up a mains alarm already fitted.

    Pies, that system looks like it would do the early warning job and the comments about battery life – a possible weakness – all look positive on the reviews. Bonus.

    Pym, I intend to do the same on the side door (notices) which is not visible from the road or by neighbours.

    Now just need to leave my Michael Myers Halloween suit handy to greet anyone….

    Thanks again

    Similar to the suggestion from Pies. This is the alarm I’d been thinking about buying


    Sticking with baby monitors for a minute – we use one of these

    The range is phenomenal, I can happily work on my bikes outside in my workshop in the evening and listen to my daughter while she sleeps upstairs on the other side in the house. It doesn’t pick up background noise and the best thing – you can speak into it. So if you heard someone get into the shed, you can press a button and speak into it and it will come out in your shed clear as day. Something along the lines of “I’m coming out there with my shotgun” should do the trick. And possibly attract armed police too. You get the picture.

    Premier Icon monkeyp

    Well, off of the back of this thread, I have just had a rather large and rather heavy delivery from Pragmasis for some SERIOUS shed security!

    Shed Shackle and a 3m long chain to secure the high value bikes and I also have 2 Abus Granit locks for the others. Any theft would now involve destroying the entire shed or cutting through all of the frames and either a front or back wheel on each bike!

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