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  • Shed lighting – solar panel?
  • Easiest and cheapest would be a 12v car battery and a trolley to take it inside and charge up.

    It will probably cope with two or three weeks if you are just using it with some 12v camping strip lights/LEDs.

    Solar panels will up the cost quite a bit unless you are just thinking of a tiny battery saver type thing that is designed to go on a car dashboard.


    Running electrics to my small workshop/ shed is not possible.

    Anyone used a solar panel / renewable energy source for power?

    Experiences : suggestions


    How much power do you need in your shed? Much more than a bit of lighting and you need mains (or spending a lot on renewable energy kit for no viable return).


    Solar panels seem to be fitted to just about every canal boat I pass on my commute. I guess the set up would be similar to on a shed, so a canal forum may be a better place for info.

    I built my own system in the end – bought a 12V solar panel, a charge controller for a street light and a 12V SLA battery with suitable capacity for my needs from EBay. Solar panel sits on the roof, the charger controller is a doddle to connect (6 connections to the panel, battery and load device, a light in this case) – happily runs the light in the shed, an AA/AAA battery charger, radio, mobile charger etc etc though voltage droppers, again from Ebay for a few quid each.

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    The solar centre do complete kits and sell the batteries and converters for running stuff in your shed.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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