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  • shaving oil recommendations please?
  • bought some super cheap £1 shaving oil from the supermarket to try, i’ve been using turkish soap bars and lately some bluebeard stuff you foam up in a dish, and quite the biggest shaving revelation since discovering DE razors.

    so wondered if anyone could recommend a better oil to try next?


    I use Somersets (it can be bought in Sainburys I think, but I do web orders) it smells great and works well for me. King’s is widely available and ok-ish, but I find it a bit greasey.


    Try Proraso pre shave cream instead of oil. You can also use this as a post shave balm. Its great stuff.

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    Big fan of Geo F Trumpers’ Skin food here.

    King of Shaves, in a little green bottle. Keeps my skin baby soft.


    Aveda shave cream. £15 from John Lewis


    king of shaves

    any kind of cream, soap, foam makes my face fall off (slight exaggeration but it gets dry and sore)

    been using oil for about 15 years

    I’ve been using KOS menthol when travelling for a few years now, and am very happy with it.

    Hot shower, wash face etc beforehand, of course.


    Not an oil but I’ve started using good old palmolive shave stick after a few years of using Arko – It’s very nice.


    What is the oil like to use with a DE razor? I guess multiple applications are required for multiple passes?

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    When I shaved, I got bored of paying for shaving oil so just used to refill the bottles with olive oil. No discernible difference in outcome but considerably cheaper.

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    Are you using the oil as a preshave then soaping up with a brush? Or are you using it as a shave oil, as you would the King of Shaves stuff?

    FWIW I’ve been using the Bluebeards pre-shave oil with Geo F Trumpers Coconut Shave Soap. Tried to use just the pre-shave oil whilst on holiday. Didn’t work like the KoS goop.


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