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  • sharm el sheikh Egypt-anyone been?
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    Managed to get a free week in sharm el sheikh and just wondering what activities there are to be doing? Anyone been and what’s it like? Am stay at a sensatori thing.

    A couple friends have split up so my mate has asked me to join him (not for bum fun)

    So any ideas would be welcome

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    Diving there is good. But don’t use the DIving school at the Sensatori they are crap !

    Go along the beach past the Baron Hotel (next door) and there is a great diving school just past the end of the Baron Hotels gardens.

    Sensatori diving school are a total waste of space and couldn’t be less interested.

    Night out in Naama Bay is good.
    Also Soho Square is worth a go. (both a taxi ride but cheap enough)
    Scuba boat trip to Ras Mohammed is brilliant too, or snorkelling if you are not qualified.

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    I was there many years ago on diving holidays, so lots will have changed since then, but obviously diving or snorkelling. We rode quad bikes in the Sinai desert, that was awesome fun!

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    As stated – diving is probably the number one activity aside from lying around doing nothing.

    If you like you can do the pool based diving training in the UK and then complete the open water dive in Egypt, that way you’ll get quality training and make the most of the dive time in Egypt.

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    has to be diving, there are som excellent beginner dives and a great chance of seeing some really spectacular big fish

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    A mate has just got back from there. He went with his GF last year too.

    They loved the diving and just chilling out.

    They also did the Pyramids and Cairo. They said for the trip to Cairo they decided to opt for their own car and guide instead of going on the group coach. Apparently it was only something like an extra £30 and they were driven round in an S class Merc by a chauffeur plus a personal tour guide and were taken to the front of queues whereever they went.

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    Cairo is worth a visit just to see the traffic 😯 you’ll never complain about UK driving again.

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    I lived there for a year – the only reason to go would be for diving.

    But, on the otherhand if you like wasting away your life on a beach at an all inclusive hotel you will be happy there. Its sunny and hot.

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    Just a word of advice.. If you fly to Cairo from Sharm, don’t forget you can’t take glass bottles/liquids back on the plane.
    So when your Mrs buys all those Natural Perfumes on one of the “enforced” tourist visits, they’ll probably be confiscated at the Airport unless the Check-in guy is allowed to relieve you of £20 in Sterling !!
    But the snorkelling, Quads and Beer are good… and The Baron Palms Hotel was hoofing !!! 8)

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    I went there last September and had an awesome holiday. Stayed at the Stella do Mare and did some excursions with a company called Sinai Safari Adventures. A British couple who are awesome and cheap without sacrificing quality. Old sharm is good too, most hotels do free shuttle runs but if you’re a blonde female the locals will try and swap you for camels!

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    Mate flew out there yesterday for a weeks kitesurfing. Supposed to be excellent!

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    BIL went last year he said it was like being on the Moon, only warmer.

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    Two of my daughters have been with their boyfriends.. both said that away from the hotel it was a very scary experience with the locals. Neither will go back.

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    I went a few years ago. I wish I could tell you how great it was but all I saw was the inside of my hotel room.
    Dysentery is great for spoiling holidays – but great for dropping a bit of weight 🙂

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    Alright for chilling by the pool, diving if it interests you. Otherwise, it’s a dump.

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    watch out for the sharks of the local businesses have been dumping their rotton meat into the sea.

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    Went last year, spent most of my time in the hotel eating and drinking everything I possibly could. My GF went later in the year on her own to get her diving qualifications. She’s well travelled and knows how to handle the locals, but said she felt safe. It was her 2nd or 3d time. My mum and aunty visit every year.

    Go for the diving, many believe it to be some of the best in the world. wouldn’t say the place is a dump, but it is getting cheaper…meaning more tattooed, sun-burnt lager louts floating about…infact I probably fall into the category.

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