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  • Sharing excellent customer service – Hope Technology
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    I bought some early Hope RX4 callipers to fit to my Arkose almost 4 years ago – have always been happy with the looks and performance.

    I noticed a few weeks back that the front one was corroded quote badly – actually broken through where the pad retention bolt passes through the casting.
    I emailed some pics to Hope, along with my original purchase invoice – response was “its out of the 2 year warranty – but send it in and we’ll have a look at it”
    I posted it on Sunday – hoping they might give me a discount off a new one.
    Got home from work yesterday to find my original box had been returned with a brand new RX+ calliper in it.

    Very pleased with this.

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    A post like this isusually followed with a mix of people with simialr experiences and others that say witty things like “if they made better products they wouldn’t need such great service”.

    I’m in the first camp – great company

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    ^^^I always have mixed feelings about “great customer service” stories, because – yes, much of the time, if the products were better there wouldn’t need to be any customer service!. (When was the last time you needed CS for a DT Swiss product???

    However Hope do seem to go above and beyond much of the time. I’ve just got new rotors to fit my other half’s commuter bike, which has original Hope Ti-glide disc hubs on (splined 5 bolt spider type). I think I bought them in ’98 or ’99, and the whole splined-spider thing must have stopped being made around 2000, 2001 ish? Hope had the rotors on the shelf, and they were a 3 day turnround. Can’t complain really!

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    hen was the last time you needed CS for a DT Swiss product???

    When I bought a 240 which turned out to have one of the dodgy ratchets in it that they’d found issues with. All sorted without bother, new ratchet and some fancy DT grease supplied though they’d have arranged a shop to do it if I didn’t want to pull the hub apart myself.

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    if they made better products they wouldn’t need such great service

    There’s an element of that but also if you’ve spent £300+ on a set of brakes then there is an expectation of them lasting and and expectation of decent customer service if something happens. By contrast if you have those Clark copies that are £25 an end and they fail you wouldn’t be too disappointed.

    My experience of Hope has been the opposite as they’re shrugged off the failures I’ve had. I do like that they make technical data readily available even for old products. Makes fixing them and sourcing spares far easier.

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    I only really buy their hubs, but the thing I like about Hope is that I can just ring them up and ask if I’m having a tech problem or need a specific bit of advice. Same with Orange actually.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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