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  • Premier Icon steveh

    Collar bones vary but can be quick, 5 weeks to back mtbing at pace for me, 3 to road work. I’d highly recommend these guys – have had 3 breaks, seen these guys after twice and had better healing for it. Sounds a bit mumbo jumbo or did to me and I was sceptical but am convinced it works.


    I’m away on holiday at the moment but I’ve stayed off the bike now for almost two weeks. Hand injury which has possibly been incurred during wood chopping. Doctors next week to see if it’s something I have to do something about.

    Premier Icon dawson

    Came a cropper whilst out on the bike Monday night – OtB, went down hard – pringled front wheel.

    3 mile walk home as I couldn’t straighten the wheel, shoulder hurting quite a lot.

    Went to work Tuesday, then decided to go to hospital in the afternoon as shoulder was still hurting – x ray shows that clavicle is broken in 2 places.

    While being examined, the nurse became concerned about big red mark across chest where I think I hit bars – so i had another x ray to check for chest damage – It hadn’t occurred to me and and just thought i’d get a big bruise

    Fracture clinic on Friday to find out what’s next treatment wise for the shoulder.

    From what i’ve heard its about 8 weeks for collarbones. 🙁

    Anybody else off their bike injured at the moment?

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    Duff foot incurred on holiday last week on a large theme park slide. They’d over waxed it and my daughter and I became airborne at the end. Toes of my right foot jammed into the ground, bending completely under my foot (touching the sole of my foot).

    Seems I’ve wrecked the tendons and ligaments if my rusty french is correct.


    I ended up with a grade 3 ac joint separation 8 weeks ago and i would quite happily have swapped it for a broken clavicle!

    I started riding again a couple weeks ago on the road and have done a couple gentle rides on the mountain bike in the last week and it seems ok so far. I’ve just got the sight of a deformed shoulder to put up with now 😆


    Is your clavicle broken, or are the ligaments which connect it to the other shoulder bones sheared?

    Reason I ask is that this is what I did to myself 3 weeks ago – hit big rut concealed on very overgrown track locally and catapulted myself into the adjacent deep ditch, landing on my R shoulder.

    Got back on the bike and slowly rode home (automatic pilot I think) but knew I wasn’t right. My shoulder and chest was very painful, and my clavicle was sticking up at a odd angle.

    Thus to A&E, X-rays etc – sheared in 3 places. Back home. Alcohol helped. At first it was thought I would need surgery, but after a week or so I went back to see the shoulder specialist at the fracture clinic, and he was pleased with my progress. So no surgery, but physio – which eventually starts on Friday.

    But I have made good progress. I’ve been back on the bike and driving for about a week, and can do most things with my R arm bar lift very heavy weights and toss the caber. Bit painful at night in bed, but a good dose of Cocodamol ensures that I sleep. Just hope the physio can straighten out my still wonky clavicle angle – it still sticks up and hasn’t yet reconnected with the other bones.

    So ensure you get a good longer term prognosis from a consultant who is a shoulder specialist – and then appropriate follow up, including TIMELY physio.

    Good luck!

    Never broken my clavicle but have dislocated my shoulder twice. Bloody hurts.
    Currently recovering from a Achilles tendon tear (partial rupture) walking round work with my Orthopaedic moon boot gets funny looks.

    Just hoping when it comes off (the boot) it’s healed. Feels a bit better. Hopefully can go back to my full time five days not the two. But better than having six months off like last year.

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Pain in my ribs, still, bone behind big toe hurts when I bend my foot, numb index finger tip, groin strained a bit too.

    Torn achilies tendon. Real bugger is that I’m not entirely sure when I did it. The ‘rest’ bit is proving challenging 🙁


    Broke my Tibia and Fibula 3 weeks ago this Saturday whilst on holiday in Gran Canaria.

    I have a nice titanium plate with 7 screws holding my Tibia together.

    No pain now just bored with having my lower leg in a plaster.


    From what i’ve heard its about 8 weeks for collarbones.

    8 weeks will be plenty.

    I climbed sgurr nan gillean 4 weeks after doing mine. First couple of weeks are rather uncomfortable, particularly when getting out of bed etc, but it’s not a bad bone to break (if you must break something anyway!).

    I’ve been battling recurring costochondral separation for years now (it’s where the cartilage holding your ribs tears and your ribs detach from the sternum). Horrible injury and takes so long for it to heal.

    Was told in 2011 that I ought to give up most sports where there is any danger of impact. I spent quite some time taking it easy and gradually building up my core and am glad to say that this is the longest I’ve gone without a recurrence. I’ve had plenty of direct hits to that area since restarting so fingers crossed it’s stronger and more resilient to tearing now. Not sure whether the cartilage has healed properly, or the surrounding muscles are stronger, or I’ve just been lucky though.

    Premier Icon andybrad

    good advice now is crucial. I was given bad advice after a collar bone and it took over a year to get fixed (finally with an ill fitting plate)

    Rest for 2 weeks. Dont try and do anything with it at all. Eat plenty of protein. Then do the physio would be my advice.


    Currently break free, but have a sore hip and left knee thanks to excessive running. It’s all cartilage/muscular though and wears off after a few miles as the muscles warm up.

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