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  • grum

    In a similar vein to the OP, I’ve seen the boy band Blue live. 😳

    It was at our uni grad ball, and they were getting loads of bottles chucked at them. One of them threw one back into the crowd, and hit a disabled person in a wheelchair in the face! Oops.


    Was this in Leeds?

    Oh that reminds me – I once set fire to a disabled girl in a wheelchair in a nightclub 🙂


    Yup meehaja. Were you there too? 🙂

    Premier Icon vinnyeh

    As a young lad of 13 or so in the 70’s, thought that wearing a pair of white jeans with tartan sewn on the turnups would make me a babe magnet.

    Entered into a marriage of convenience to get a residency visa many years ago.


    i once gave some aussie fella a spliff, but the weed content was exchanged for a whole box of match heads. he burnt his hand, his lips and wanted to go to hospital to check for smoke damage. was quite funny then, still think it is funny now……


    @Grum, I wasn’t there, but I remember hearing about it, didn’t the Leeds uni rugby club start a fight with them as well?

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    mastiles_fanylion – Member
    Oh that reminds me – I once set fire to a disabled girl in a wheelchair in a nightclub

    That reminds me of an incident at The Hacienda many many years ago.

    The Happy Mondays were sat in one of the booths under the DJ box. My mate (mashed off his face) thought he would join them. He trundled over, sat down, stuck a fag in his mouth, whipped out his lighter… and dropped it down the sleeve of his jacket. He went up in flames and had to put himself out by tipping his pint over himself.

    Shaun and the boys didn’t bat an eyelid.

    Pretended to have a mechanical / puncture at the side of the road, 2 miles into a 10 mile TT, having gone off way too fast, and blowing myself to bits in the first 5 mins. Knowing that there was no way back to a good time and my tactical stupidity was going to lead to PW (personal Worst) for the course. my head went completely I got off the bike and looked down and stared feigning huge dissapointment at a perfectly intact and fully inflated back tyre, I rolled back to the start the way I came, with the outgoing riders behind me, passing me coming the other way with sporting and consolatory words of support “unluckly mate”, “bad luck” etc etc 😳

    PS this was a one off 🙂

    Premier Icon boltonjon

    Whilst drunk at Uni, we’d see if we could piss in a friends pocket without them noticing

    It was surprisingly difficult, so we started picking on drunk strangers on the dance floor

    Managed to piss in 2 stranger’s pockets without them noticing.

    Shameful? Yes. Am i proud? Very!

    I gave my ex girl friends toothbrush a good rub in the carck of my a55 the morning before i kicked her out 8)

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