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  • khani

    A girl was dumped by the trotters so she bummed a baby robin when it ate all the hobnobs and offered her a custard cream instead..

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    I thought it was OP meets girl in woods alone, tries to use best lines but gets turned down so tries to blame boggies for his poor chat up lines 🙂

    The Baby robin was just pecking a babies eyes out for fun, thats just how they roll up north


    This happened to me with those guys too.

    1st time I’d ridden with them, website /forum/ contact I’d made with them said they were doing a 30-40 mile ride around Coniston and other valleys, so made the long trip to join them (about 20 riders that day)

    Most of the way around figure they are actually going on to add a good 15-20 miles on top with no way of shortening the route, I’m blown out and obviously suffering and its below zero, yup just got left to my own devices.

    Took me about 3.5 hours to work out how to get back to the cars, and when I got there they had all gone, thanks guys….

    wow, very care, much crap given, amaze!

    Similar story here. Rode about 100 miles to the top of Helvellyn with a snapped chain, at which point it transpired that they all had base jumping chutes. Buggers leaped off and I had to walk back to Orkney in the dark.




    I still want to know if the OP left her with a working bike and if not did he accompany her back to german market?

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    For balance, I went for a ride with the bog trotters. There was a girl who was struggling on the climbs, she was offered a short cut back to the car park and two of the experienced bog trotters accompanied her there.

    I suppose circumstances demand what the outcome will be.

    Clubride last year – us bunch of southern jessies at a trail centre

    Bloke feels not right – but knows the place well – insists on heading back by himself. 5 mins later not feeling so good – luckily has phone – a few of us get back to him. Small heart attack. Ambulance etc. Everyone ok.

    A totally different scenario for sure – but made me reevaluate letting people go back on their own on organised rides.

    Multiple issues here. The woman on her way back should have either insisted BF came with her, or not whinged to someone else when he didn’t. And he should have insisted on going back with her. And when he didn’t, someone from the club should have done the decent thing… and if they had gone back with her, they should have helped her with her mechanical… and if they had helped, she should have …

    ok, probably better stop there… 😉

    One point that doesnt seem to have made it through all the usual BS above is that the woman in question abandoned the ride, made it safely back to the digs, and then chose to go out for a pootle later in the day during which she had the mechanical.

    Truly STW at its worst.

    Truly STW at its worst.

    Nah, this thread is a winner.


    I went on a ride with the bog trotter and died. Five times. And then they left me to get my body back on my own. Gits.

    I’m out with them next week though.


    Is this still going? The point is, the woman should not have been left on her own. She could have bumped into any dodgy perve offering to fix her running gear.


    She could have bumped into any dodgy perve offering to fix her running gear.

    Could? She did bump into a perve… 😉

    Anyway, it’s clear we need to formalise chaperoning arrangements for female riders.

    Premier Icon postierich

    I died 5 times

    As your probably aware the rotters would not even let Simon B die, much to some of the groups disgust it went to a vote it went to deadlock, luckily we could not get a phone signal to let STW to decide 🙂


    Re the comment two riders took female back.

    I wonder if the female rider was overweight and oldish. Would people be as accommodating?/help?

    (Thats a general cynical comment/not aimed at the BT’s)


    Mods, I think it’s time this thread should be closed on the grounds of it being total Piers Morgan (If you’ll pardon my French).

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    Is this still going?

    Oh I do hope so, I’ve put the kettle on again, the boss doesn’t get up ’till 12:30 and there’s a Yorkie in the fridge.

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    A cold yorkie? Disgraceful.


    That’s even worse than leaving girls out on their own.

    It’ll go whitish. Like dog poo from tehe 70s 😯

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    there’s a Yorkie in the fridge.

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