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  • Shall no-one speak for the defence?
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    I present the prosecution’s evidence m’lud.

    off you go chaps 🙂

    Appalling grammar..


    Couldn’t have put it better myself, though he should have left out the bit about him being unelected at the beginning. IMO, it undermined the rest of the letter.


    While I would like to see the back of Brown the author doesn’t understand that we don’t vote in a prime minister, we vote in local MPs that are in a stupid party system and they choose the leader; if that leader is the majority party s/he becomes prime minister.

    Similar thing happened to Thatcher -> Major, as I recall, with a couple of years before a general election.

    Still the sheer arrogance of Brown and his toadying to the city/wealthy makes me shudder. The only issue is who would take over after him? Cameron? They are all the same….


    We don’t elect PM’s do we? we elect the Party for a period of time.

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    I agree with Poindexter.

    However, it is difficult to think of a country in which it would be impossible to write such a letter. Imagine, say, what the equivalent letter would look like in Italy. Berlusconi, afterall, is only not in prison because he passed a law saying he couldn’t be put there.

    Everyone, pretty much, has clowned up financial services regulation, all politics is horribly dependent on big money, all politics is influenced by big lobbying etc etc. We could write a letter today that would lay most of these charges at Cameron’s door, except for the ones which it really does take being in office to commit.


    From the website URL I thought he had been “outed”

    Guess not…


    Not yet, SSP. I reckon that’s going to wait until he’s out of office.


    There’s a case (yet to be made) that the Conservatives could be more competent. What I don’t believe is that they would be less money grubbing, any less self-serving or will be better at regulating their financial sector chums than they’ve been previously.


    Sorry didn’t read it passed the unelected bit. The rest may be full of highly valid points, but if the author doesn’t understand that we don’t have a presidential system then I can’t be arsed to read the rest.
    Of course it would be nice if this and the previous pm also understood we don’t have a presidential system..

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    What poindexter said.

    Premier Icon nickc

    Was it Enoch Powell that said “Every political career ends with failure”

    Although to pick up on one point; The sale of the radio spectrum…He blames the PM for the mobile companies failure to negotiate a good price?!? Plus fails to mention that the cash generated from the sale went straight to pay off National debt…



    What a cock springs to mind frankly!

    The error rate in what he has written didn’t stop at point one albeit his credibility did.

    The simple fact is that we are at a point where a number of fundamentals of our economic and societal systems are in question as a result of the current crisis. In essence elected governments are elected on the basis of the electorates selfishness, (i.e. I will vote for the bloke who promises me most). Perhaps we all need to look in the mirror on this one.

    So hands up eveyone who has taken on a loan or mortgage that they can’t afford to pay back, run up a supersize credit card bill (i.e. one that really can’t be paid off prior to interest being charged), or is simply living beyond their means in some way.

    Then take a look in that mirror and say hi to the person responsible for the credit crunch.



    I could do. Some of what is in there is rubbish, some is factually wrong, some is opinion, some is fair comment.

    I won’t bother wasting my time however. those who understand know, those who hate him will continue to do so whatever I write.

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