Shall i swap my 456 Summer Season for a 'Newer' SC Chameleon?

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  • Shall i swap my 456 Summer Season for a 'Newer' SC Chameleon?
  • YETIboyJAY

    Morning all,

    I am just having a bit of a debate with myself as to whether i should keep my On One 456 Summer Season or Swap for an ’09 Santa Cruz Chameleon.

    A mate rode my 456 the other day and fell in love with the frame, he loves steel…as do I. But, is this a deal that is too good to pass up on? His frame is mint condition and the same size (18″) however it does feel a tad shorter.

    The on-one doesn’t owe me a lot and is in good condition so is it worth the swap? Id have to buy a couple bits as the post size is different etc but thats all pretty low cost really.

    As for set up, i run 150mm Marz’ Z1 FR with ETA that i lock down most of the time, i just let them out on the downs…this makes the On-One hella slack. I think they may go better on the SC to be honest. The rest of the kit is whatever was in the shed…its a budget build! 2×9 drive with a bash and Blackspire Stinger, 26” wheels. Its used for ‘seat up’ riding as i have a DH hardtail and a full bouncer. This is my bike for ‘riding’ if that makes sense, no pushing up hills allowed! I ride mostly trails in the local woods, pretty tame type trail or enduro stuff that does get ‘downhilly’ with small jumps in places.

    So opinions please chaps, im not looking to sell the SC on or anything but it could potentially be a nice upgrade if you think it will ride as nice as the on-one.



    Premier Icon johnhe

    Sounds like a difficult question. Never having owned either, while both sound like great bikes, I can see the appeal of the SC. It’s a fantastic looking bike. Neither have the reputation of being particularly compliant bikes. In the real world I’d say that there isn’t much to separate them.

    But the SC would get the vote from me on desirability.


    Do the SC still have the brutal box section chainstays and mud collecting plate behind the BB?

    I reckon he’s fed up of getting battered and wants your bendy frame.


    I’d bite his arm off, I had a Chameleon and it was one of the most fun bikes ive ever owned. IMHO the 456 on the other hand isn’t in the same class…

    Premier Icon binners

    Chameleon’s are the best hardtail frame ever. They’re like a 26″ BMX. You’ll know about it when you’ve been riding it all day, mind. They’re made out of bits of rail bridge. But by god, they’re fun!!!!


    Thanks for the replies gents. Much along my lines of thinking. I know the on-one isn’t particularly flexy but I am worried the SC will be a back breaker. To be honest I’m not one for all day epics but a few hours at a time.

    He has barely ridden the SC as he bought it on a whim 18months ago, rode it twice. He just likes steel frames, I think he’s trying to get back to the days of riding local dirt jumps on a DMR Trailstar! Too old for that though!



    Why not borrow it and have a ride? I really like my chameleon but haven’t had it for long enough to make a proper opinion. “On paper” it certainly seems like it’ll be a lot more fun than the on one thanks to the short wheel base, top tube and chainstays..

    long soft boring bike vs short snappy harsh funnest bike in the world type desicion…you decide

    Chams are the second best hard tail, after sovereigns. 😉 Cham will be short, rough and hyperactive fun, like a man size BMX. Initially you may hate it, but then it will get addictive. You can put big tubeless tyres on it to soften the ride. It will have decent resale value.

    Ride it a bit before deciding?

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