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  • Sexism & Dogma (mild rant content) What are you?
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    Outside our house, we have residents parking bays. Great!… But we have to pay for the privilege, and the cost seems to escalate every year (local council). On the whole, these parking restrictions go ignored, and unpoliced, so in effect we are paying for the privilege of NOT being able to park outside our house! This year, on the council residents parking scheme permit application form, they want to know my race, sexual preference and religeous leanings……WTF!!!… For a pi55ing parking permit!

    So…. from this day forward I am a Gay Jedi (obvious pun> (from Uranus?) < /obvious pun)!

    What are you?

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    its probably so they can prove theyr allocating parking equaly, so you cant turn up and say “i was refused a parking permit becasue im black”.

    So going for a minority like gay jedi probably puts you top of the list 🙂

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    Do like a previous colleague and ring the named person and ask them the same questions as on the form. It will give you a laugh and may illustrate the facile nature of the form to the officer concerned.

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    Just reply with:

    Human, Yes & not a terrorist

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    I ticked “other” on a form at work (don’t see how my race effects my ability to do my job). since then I’ve been invited to attend a discussion group on minority needs, a conference in London, been asked if I’ll speak at training sessions on diversity and equality and was invited to join a minority advice group as part of the union!

    I feel its my duty as a member of a minority to partake in all the opportunities offered to me, after all, I am a southerner living and working in Yorkshire.

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    I like sandwich’s answer best.

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    Don’t answer the questions just fill in the important bits.

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