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  • Settle & Gisburn area rides anyone?
  • singlepivot
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    Is anyone else interested in riding in my area on a Wednesday to Saturday typically?

    Long story short I put social mountain biking on a back burner for necessary family then Covid reasons for quite a while. All more or less done now but old friends / clubs / groups are either gone or road riding or miles away now and I’d like to ride socially and regularly again.

    I know about apps and Facebook groups etc so please don’t post any of those I’m already on it but are there any individuals/ clubs / groups near me I haven’t found? Shout up if you are and would like another rider.

    I’m into enduro / all mountain / call it what you like rather than XC epics and can’t usually ride Sundays. I’ve been out of social riding but stayed fit so won’t be a liability, anyone similar?

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