setting up your own buissnes help?

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  • setting up your own buissnes help?
  • taka

    im wanting to set up a small buissnes on the side as im still at school my dad made a buissnes but unfortunetly went bankrupt and i dont want to go down the same route as he didnt realy plan it very well i dont know what sort of thing's i want my buissnes to do or make? but what are the key factor's you need to get going? like when taxes start?etc.?


    Top tip – use firefox on the internet if you do set up a business. It has an built on spell check. This is not a piss take but will help you look more professional when typing things.

    What "buissnes" will you be looking at? How much will you aim to make? Taxes etc depend on turnover/income levels.

    To get going to need to ascertain the demand for the product or service, the competition in your area, your USP, time available, and also the financial constraints.

    Would that be a built in spellchecker ralph? 😆

    it was all spelt correctly just the wrong word!! 😉


    the food industry is the most lucrative tom.
    a nice butty shop near some industry.
    do not rip people off, use good produce.
    not much outlay, for a good return.

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