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    Rockshox have holes in their online service guides, IIRC dual-air Pikes are pretty much the same assembly. 15w fork oil from memory. For starter pack the TFTuned fork service pack comes with fork greace for the dust seals and some fork oil. Same oil for the air spring assembly as well it think. And yeah don’t open the damping side at all, needs different oil(5w).

    there are also good videos from Sram which are worth watching before your first go, take your time and give your self plenty of room to spread bits out. Lots of cloths for wipeing stuff down.


    Yes, both legs are sealed from the lowers by a circlip. To do a 50hr service, undo both knuts, hit with mallet until loose, remove nuts, remove lowers, clean, clean foamrings, reinsert lowers (BUT DO NOT PUSH DOWN YET), inject 15wt oil 5-8ml / leg) into holes on bottom, then slide lowers on as far as they will go and reattach bottom bolts.

    To lube the air spring, whilst lowers off use circlip pliers to remove snapring, then pull and wiggle air spring out. Lube this with suspension grease like float fluid or sram redrum or even just your 15wt oil. Rewiggle back in (careful of spacers) and put snapring back in.


    a couple of questions

    1) i take it that when cleaning the seals and stancions (50 hr service)you only have to replace the lower leg oil amounts as the upper legs are both sealed? my fox had 1 leg sealed, 1 leg open bath.

    2)it says lubricate air spring assembly, the only instructions i can find are for dual air not the single air, are they the same?

    3) any recomendations on grease and oils for this?



    cheers all

    any ideas where i can get decent grease? i see rockshox recommend liquid o ring brease?

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