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  • GregMay

    Have a bit of experience doing my own Rock Shox forks over the past few years. Mostly coil sprung ones, but have serviced a pair of SID’s and I have not yet died.

    I’ve a set of RL 32’s that are in dire need of a service.

    Easy enough to do myself? Or should I pay someone to do them?

    Not worried about getting dirty, spending time on them as I do pretty much all my own servicing and wheel building, Just wondering if its something that I shouldn’t do, or if it requires special proprietary tools?


    They’re very easy to do, fox have some good instructions up on their website. If they’re open bath just make sure you pump the damper lots to get the old oil out. Air side is nice and easy if they are floats as they are positive air with negative coil spring so much less to worry about than most rockshoxs. Talas forks are a little more complicated and you have to be careful that the adjuster doesn’t undo and blow into your face

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    have a look here;

    and get a set of seals and some fluid from Mojo.


    Excellent, that looks rather simple.

    Not the Talas version thankfully, not up for some bukake fork moments in my kitchen.

    Reasonable prices from Mojo too!

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    Just ordered wiper seals and foam rings from Loco ( They are slightly cheaper and great customer service (gave advice and tips on how to get it right..)


    +1 for Loco.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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