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  • Been following the thread about ‘should I get some XT brakes’ & someone mentioned that their brakes had never been serviced. Well I’m sorry to say I haven’t a clue what’s involved in ‘servicing’ hydraulic disc brakes, like what are you supposed to do & how often?
    As an (ex) motor fitter I know that brake fluid absorbs moisture, so after about 50K on a car you change the fluid, I know that if a wheel starts to drag you may have a sticky piston/pads, & after 15 years of using hydraulic brakes & never needing to ‘service’ any of them….what’s the procedure?
    I have never ever had any problems with any of the 4 sets of brakes that I’ve used in the last 15 years & never serviced any of them.
    Am I just lucky or what?


    I’ve had to replace the pistons on my avids and occasionally try to grease them up so they don’t seize again, but other than that just a bleed if/when they feel spongey.

    Fluid change evey year or so is the servicing required routinely. Cland and lube pistons if they stick. Anything else is repair


    Very different from cars due to space constraints etc., no room for dust seals on the calipers to prevent dirt getting at the main hydraulic seals, meaning they’ll need routine servicing to clean out all the accumulated filth built up around the seals, housings and pistons. Some manufacturers will happily sell you any special tools and parts needed, some won’t sell the tools, but will sell the spares, and some won’t sell anything involved in stripping a caliper at all.


    Why service, just buy a new set. It’s a lot easier

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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