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  • Server 2K8 and Hyper V networking
  • torsoinalake

    Sorry, when you say ‘physically separate box’ do you mean you will have 3 hosts on separate networks, each with a VM on it? Or is it one single host with 3 VMs.

    Anyway, you will need to configure some virtual networks. I’m not really a Hyper-V guy, but this will probably get you started:


    Are the DC’s on the same domain / iprange and lan?

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    You mean you’re building new “guest” OSes on existing Hyper-V hosts? Or you have to build the hosts too?

    Simplifying, the guests are virtual hardware, so the answer to your question is “exactly how you would on regular hardware”.

    If you have to build the hosts too, I’d suggest either going with Server 2012 or VMware ESXi if you have the option. Hyper-V on 2K8 is trousers.


    What’s the host OS?

    If it’s hyper-V, I’m assuming 2008+

    Physical domain member as the host, hyper-V DC as the guest?



    As this is the land of IT bods 🙂 I would appreciate some help or pointing in the direction of some good websites.

    I’m doing a project (I’m not getting paid for it) Basically it’s a learning curve for me, as I have come into a Windows world after working with Solaris for years.

    I have 3 seperate networks which I want to install a 2K8 DC on. Each one will have a few clients hanging off it.

    Each DC will be on a physically seperate box, with the OS installed in Hyper V.

    I will have physical connectivity between each of the machines, but I am not 100% sure how to configure the settings to get each server talking via Hyper V (this is the learning bit).

    A. Did that make sense?

    B. Can anyone help?


    Not 100% sure what you are trying to achieve but in the Hyper-V manager you can define different networks/subnets whatever. When you create a VM you get to choose which of the networks to assign to each virtual NIC.

    Then it is just same as any other networking.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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