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  • Serial tyre swapper
  • samuelr

    Does any one else constantly have the urge to buy new tyres to try out. In the past year I have had 6 different tyres on my bike, the tyres have to match brand wise so no cross branding, it’s costing me a fortune.

    Now I have a set-up I’m happy with which is a 2.4 maxis high roller 2 on the front (contreversial I know) and an ardent race in 2.35 on the rear. It’s great in this dry dusty conditions but will be crap when it turns wet.

    I have been looking at the new Continental range in miniplus 2.6, primarily the Der Baron in 2.6 and a trail king in 2.6 for the rear. Any one have these two and can share their experience?

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Aye, tbh I just enjoy it and find it interesting so no regrets. Though I’d be perfectly happy to stick with my current sets (dhf, shorty, dhr, rockrazor)forever really.

    2.6 is a letdown so far though, on account of practically none of them are actually any bigger than normal tyres

    Get a grip man!


    Ive got the Contis almost as you describe. Baron front, Mountain King rear. The new Contis do measure up exactly at 2.6. They are quite different to the old Handmade in Germany tyres of old and even hold air well! I haven’t used them in very wet or muddy yet. So far my impressions are v grippy and v comfortable ride, and the MK on the rear rolls OK too. chose MK over TK rear as it looks like a less cloggy tread which goes well with the Baron and I also read some good stuff on it’s rolling resistance, MTBR forums.

    Premier Icon SaxonRider

    I do this with road tyres all the time. I can be tempted to change by all sorts of factors, and it drives Mrs SR nuts.

    That said, I would probably do it with my MTB too, but it’s probably a good thing that I don’t pay it that much attention.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Used to ride with a guy who would swap declare the new set the best ever and get shot of the last ones cheap, after a 6 month cycle he would be back where he started proclaiming those were now better than anything else.

    Throw in blaming any problems on the tyres and it gets quite dull. Just go ride

    Premier Icon russyh

    Think I have settled on two tyre sets being as we seem to have either Damp or minging conditions in the FoD…albeit it’s dusty at minute!

    Spring/summer – Minion DHF 3c WT front and aggressor WT rear occasionally a semi slick

    autunn/winter – Magic Mary front and either fat Albert or Hans Dampf rear

    i am constantly looking at new rubber, but I have just decided to ride the bike with what’s on it now


    I swop mine around a lot – condition dependent.  At the moment as its dusty dry I’m running a Rock Razor on the rear of my Jeffsy.  When it gets slippy I will put a HR2 or the E13 equivalent on it.

    I’ve got a selection of other tyres which get used on my Capra for different places / conditions.

    But I always leave a grippy one on the front as I like to go into corners way too fast.

    I also experiment with pressure a lot, conditions dependent.


    Well I couldn’t resist. 27.5 2.6 der baron and a 2.6 mountain king ordered.


    No, however i would like some new tyres at the moment as mine are in the fast and light camp but I find tyres so expensive!


    Minions front and back for years – DD 3c out back is the only change ive made

    Premier Icon jam bo

    the second hand market needs these people. don’t discourage them.


    Ahah! but I never sell as I ‘may use them again’. Normaly they go on the girlfriends bike or swap them for beer/food/favours with friends or family.


    I tend to ride tyres until they are fit for the bin and then marvel how amazing it is to have some grip when the new ones go on. Feels like I’ve earned it that way!

    The full-sus has had DHF 2.5 & DHR2 2.3 on for a while. The Shorty 2.5 tends to come on away trips as a back-up for added confidence on steep muddy stuff.

    The hardtail changes more, Shorty 2.5 or High Roller 2 2.4 front, DHR2 2.3 or Minion SS rear – basically winter or summer. Occasionally the Shorty 2.3 goes on the back for extreme filth.

    Premier Icon jamesoz

    Every rider needs a tyre mountain. I use a spare gearbox on an engine stand, makes a perfect lightweight  tyre rack.

    I grab tyres when I see a good price. Recently bought some mud spikes to appease the weather gods.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Say what you like about tubeless, but the faff involved in changing tyres means ive saved a fortune in not trying out new ones….


    Oh I just remembered, I just topped up the selant 2 days ago, it’s going to be messy.

    Bike24 notification. Tyres packed and shipped with dhl. I might get to use them on the weekend wooo


    My main preference of tyres are Shorty, Mary, DHF front and Aggressor, DHR2 rear. But I also have Specialized Butcher, Purgatory, and Ground Control in ‘stock’ Used across both FS and HT now that they are both on the same sized wheels. Swap around depending on conditions – 3 wheelsets shared between two bikes makes for easy swapping.

    I would like to try Assagai, Vee Flow Snap, Kenda Hellkat, Michelin Wild Enduro, Vittoria Mota. Yes I think I may have a problem.

    I have tyres on my bike. I have no idea what they are or what pressure they are at. I do not care much. I swap them only when I need to fit ice spikers.

    I know I am in the minority but I will ride them until they wear out then buy some more, probably whatever is in the sale and fits.

    Premier Icon cynic-al

    Not at all, I just get tyres that look reasonable and ride them.

    I remember someone on a ride telling me about his problems with “mid-knob transition problems on loose corners” or some such (obviously read in a magazine), I had to snigger as he’d taken about twice the time on the descent I had (and I am not fast).

    Premier Icon johnw1984

    I try not to be a tyre swapper, but I’ve broken my DHR II / HR2 combo on my bike and replaced it with Baron / Kaiser.

    Wondered why my Hightower feels like a slug recently, then I looked at the weights of the tyres!

    Going to replace with the ADDIX Hans Dampf / Nobby Nic combo to see if I like them. Think a Magic Mary will be a bit overkill on the front?

    Premier Icon guandax

    Magic Mary up front, Minion SS at the back, until winter when the Minion gets swapped out for something with more mid grip.

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