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  • Premier Icon dudeofdoom

    Loved it….

    His ridings just so buttery smooth…


    I’m in the like camp too. The bike swap bit was ace as was the whole effortless flow he had.

    Most ‘perp’ level riding had nothing to do with what I do….be it XC,DH, Enduro etc. I still enjoy watching it and can appreciate how good the riding is.


    Left me cold as well, didn’t quite feel like the sum of it’s parts. Much preferred the Making Of vid 😀


    Boba Fatt

    That was cool, loved how it flowed and the first video i’ve seen in a long time that has me window shopping for downhill bikes

    When is this coming out on bluray or somewhere it can be downloaded so we own the file rather than a stream? Will it come out as originally advertised in 4K resolution?


    I thoroughly enjoyed that just like I thoroughly enjoy watching the tour, DH world champs or snippets from the Trans Provonce / Sovoire etc, I can relate to it because he’s riding a bike and that’s one of the few things in life that gives me the escape, solitude, enjoyment.

    I’m in Peuto Banus right now and will be watching the riders today, I won’t be disgusted in the fact that some heinous act has been committed on fragile earth by carving a smooth Tarmac roads across the landscape.
    I’ll take it for what it is, their job, life, progression.


    Coursemyhorse it’s available on iTunes now.

    Sorry I knew it was on itunes, that was my point. We were told it was a going to be 4K. Well… it’s not is it currently? itunes and google play do 1080p streams? In fact, I think it might be only 720p on one of them? Can someone confirm? I’m reluctant to pay for something I don’t own and have to watch via a stream if I ever want to. Shame, as I can’t see another way of watching it.

Viewing 8 posts - 81 through 88 (of 88 total)

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