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    abe books,
    local second hand book shop,


    books are best sold in sets but the best bet is an auction house but not just any old auction house you need to find out the specialists and get them into a special sale

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    Secondhand books you say, there’s only one place for that.


    Sets are beat, though people will pay handsomly for single tomes, if they need it to make a set. I have 5/6 1st edition of Churchills Diaries… Need book 6 to make a pretty penny!


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    Sets are beat, though people will pay handsomly for single tomes, if they need it to make a set. I have

    is that the buff dust jacket ? i know a bookshop in edinburgh that had that


    this is my cousins firm they are specialists not really sports books but should know where best to punt them


    Drac, yes, very good bookshop, but I believe they buy books for ‘shop credit’. I have a number of books in the loft which I asked the very same question about and someone suggested Barter, but looking through their website, they were not as ideal as first impressions.


    Cheers all.

    They are mostly sports books as the collection was owned by a sports Journo.

    Most are Rugby and Motorsport. Like years books. A couple of centenary editions of Le Tour.
    Several Anthony Sampson books.

    Oh and Nuvolari!

    Full set here if yer on FB

    Here's a collection from the caves loft. Seems like the personal collection of Sports journalist Paul Stephens. All for sale, for what they're worth.

    Posted by Shane 'sharki' Austin on Thursday, 28 March 2013



    I’ve got a load of old books that i’m advertising to sell for friends and haven’t a clue how to realistically value them.

    I’ve looked up several on Amazon and the New prices are mad. One was over a £1000. The one of that copy i have is like new condition. But others there are advertised in a as new condition for much less £20-£100.

    I have Rugby Annual yearbook collections from the likes of Rothmans and Playfair, complete sets of. Are they worth more as a complete set or would we get more selling them individually?

    The biggy though is a Copy of ‘Moto cross The Golden era’ This large collection of books seems to be a collection of the Author of that book. Paul Stephens. And Amongst the boxes of stuff is all the copies of Photo’s used in the book, Copies sent to him by the Photographers themselves to be used in the book.
    Does this make them even more collectable and is it even legal to sell them on(Most of them are 1960’s and 70’s.


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