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  • Selling – break for bits still the best option?
  • Premier Icon cb

    I have just sold a nice full suss and although it was a PITA via FB then ebay, it did eventually sell for a pretty fair price.

    However, no real interest on ebay for the hardtail. Is it still working out better value to split for parts or do I just need to work harder with the advert!?

    It is a 26″ which obvioulsy restricts the market somewhat but with the current bike shortage I thought that it would sell pretty easily.

    Anyone had luck selling frame and bits rather than whole bike?

    Premier Icon oldtennisshoes

    Go on then, what is it you’re trying to shift 😉

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Maybe everyone’s got bikes that wanted them now?


    Broke a bike down last year and made more money than my asking price for the bike, its a bit more time consuming getting parcels ready etc, but I was inundated with time wasters and pisstakers for the full bike, offering me silly money ( one was over 40% less ) without actually seeing how mint condition it was, in the end I even sold the spare rear wheel and tyres that I would have included with full bike, all above was 26″ and all of it sold.

    Premier Icon cb

    Thanks – will break it I think.

    tennis – I was trying to be subtle, however since you asked…

    Chumba HX1 with 36 Talas and Hope/Stans wheels. Bit niche for ebay maybe?

    Love this bike always been a fraction small for me and I prefer the feel of a larger bike. Will definately replace it with another long travel hardtail – just can’t decide which yet.

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