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  • Selling bike or parts?
  • I know the general consensus is that it’s often easier and more lucrative to split a bike into parts to sell – maybe if it’s newish, but what about the other way around?

    I have a heap of parts that are mostly average/old (eg 9spd SLX, on-one scandal V2) that could build into a nice light rigid 29er.
    The frame itself would sell easily enough on it’s own, but then i have parts left that i have no use for, so just wondering if building up into a whole bike is really worth the effort?


    I reckon the danger of building it up is that you will realise how fun it is and not sell it after all! My V1 Scandal SS was class.

    I’d build it up as a Scandal SS so nice quick build. Sell as complete bike then sell the other bits for pocket money.

    The build is half the fun for me!

    I think it depends on the age of the bike / parts. A bike a few years old I would split as there is a fair demand for newish parts.

    Older stuff probably worth more as a complete bike.
    I recently had a clear out of my old parts bin. All decent stuff but mostly 9 speed. The price I got for things was disappointing but I guess its only worth what people will pay.
    Sold a 9 speed front XT mech for less than £3 and less than £5 for shifters all in good condition.
    Good 10 speed XT rear mech £10.
    If I had an old frame and some wheels I expect the whole bike would have been worth more than the sum of the parts.

    Build it have some fun!

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    I wouldn’t sell that. That frame will make a great rigid ss. Then sell the bits left over.

    Yep, building is half the fun and it will make a fast rigid SS…but I’m running out of space.
    (Although technically the parts take up no more space assembled or not!)

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