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  • selling an airgun (not an advert!) advice?
  • timdrayton

    so i have an air pistol, made by walther which takes little gold co2 cannisters, not exactly a hand cannon but also not something i want to sell to the wrong person either.

    it hasnt been fiddled with (ie made lethal) but i dont use it at all and would like to sell it….

    but i wanted to ask if it is ok to do this, or if i could go through any organisations (an airgun equiv of stw or whatever) and if i sell privately can i protect myself by asking to see licenses etc…

    basically what is it legal to do, has anyone else sold one, and how is it best to do it?


    As long as it’s below 6lb/sqf it does’nt matter.

    But get a signed invoice when you sell it on.


    Has to be face to face for commercial sales (like from a shop). I seem to remember that doesn’t apply to private transactions, so you could post (you need to double check though!).

    There are no licenses.

    You could just wander into your local gun shop and see what they offer.


    i didnt think of the gun shop idea, much less of a worry!

    cheers guys


    Might be interrested Tim, More details ?



    I’m not planning anything drastic, just intrigued really.. If I shot someone, in my house (say a burglar) with an air pistol, where would I stand. That farmer chap shot burglars (admitably in the back) with a shotgun and was jailed, but the law only seems to talk about owning with intent to endager life? Surely below 6lbs the risk of endangering life is minimal, or is it concidered the same as any firearm?

    When we were at uni we shoot each other with BB guns all the time, am i another gun toting statistic of inner city violnce?


    As I see it, the use of force against a burglar really comes down to whether there is an immediate threat to yourself and that your force is in direct defense/elimination of that threat. So the force has to be as much as necessary, but no more ( i.e. not excessive ).

    In the case of the farmer, iirc, he was done because he shot the person in the back as the person was moving away from him … so basically the threat was dimishing rapidly rather than rising. If the burglar had been coming directly at him and the farmer under fear of his own life, then what might be a different outcome.

    Another aspect that might come into play if you were to use your air pistol on a burglar could be whether you had any premiditation to use it. If you found someone in your house and in the course of doing so, found an object which you used as a weapon, then that could be considered differently to if you had kept a weapon under your pillow for the purposes of using against burglars ( if you get what i mean ).

    That being said, i personally believe you have a right to defend yourself within the home.


    Dont shoot them with an air gun, it wont stop them, use a baseball bat. Thats also much more defensible as its not premeditated, just what was to hand at the traumatic time.

    Ive been shot and shot others at school with an air pistol, it hurt, but that was all.


    I think the walthers are about 2ft/lb the pistols use .177 Pellets so its hardly going to do any damage to anyone, Potentially shot in the right place you could make sure someone doesnt see another day though!

    The gunshop will offer the minimum possible, Personally I’d buy a few copys of airgun magazines and stick it in the classifieds, That way generally you’l only get someone whos interested in the hobby and is sensible.

    You dont need licences to own or sell them although there were talks of bringing licences in for them because they are concelable (sp)


    offroading send us an email on

    its a Umarex Walther cps sport CP99 like this


    its got a laser sight you can take on and off (with allen keys), loads of co2 canisters, ammo, a wooden box and a spare magazine.

    see pics

    I have kept it in the box, and its well oiled, and has been used probably twice since i bought it (why did i buy it?), a couple of years ago.

    i am in northampton


    Be very careful selling/buying these, looks like they may be getting a bit hot on this:
    banged up

    There’s more than likely more to it than the paper has put in there but it’s not something I would like to happen to me.


    I wonder if the retailer got done for selling a firearm to an unlicenced person (a major offence) although if it was at a market I would doubt it.

    I am sure there was more to it than was published as they had a warrant and seemed to know what they were after.



    Tim youve got mail


    I’m not planning anything drastic, just intrigued really.. If I shot someone, in my house (say a burglar) with an air pistol, where would I stand.

    Reminds me of a joke…

    Guy goes into a gun shop and buys a .44 magnum revolver. He tells the shop owner he’s going hunting for grizzly bears and asks if he has some advice… “Well”, says the owner, “if I were you I’d get a file and remove the front sight. Do a reall good job, makes sure it’s smooth. Then get some grease and give the barrel a light coating all over.”

    The hunter nods knowingly… “Yeah, gotya, so I can get a faster draw right?”

    “No. When you’ve emptied all six rounds into that grizzly he’d gunna be real pissed off, but at least it won’t hurt as much when he shoves that gun up your arse”

    The moral of the story? Don’t shoot burglars with airguns.

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