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  • one_happy_hippy
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    Ive got some kind of evil cold effort at the moment – chesty and dry tickly cough, running nose, very sore throat. Really cant stop coughing even with a barrage of cough medicines.

    And no i havent been licking mexicans.

    Now do i just try(not sure how?!?!) and put up with it or do i self medicate-

    Have a selection of Codine, diazapam and Flucloxacillin (enough for a few days but not full course), do i just take a handful and try and go to sleep?

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    No point in hitting the antibiotics it will be viral. Vallies are an evil drug – one of the worst IMO – so avoid,

    Paracetamol and water. Decongestant if you can get any

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    Im manned the **** up since last thursday and rode DH on friday, sat, sun, and yesterday.

    I consistently coughed for so long at work today i was escorted of the premises at 16.30 and told not to come back in the morning unless i had stopped.

    I feel ok, its just my nose, throat, ears, lungs, sinuses that wont quit.

    I dont mind Diiazampam – apart from the next day is never nice.

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    I spent the first part of this year self medicating, but that was mostly with beer and whisky. Not convinced it was the best thing to do mind….

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    Tequila it is then…

    Limes have Vitimin C in them dont they? Vit C’s good for colds right?

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    Vallies are an evil drug

    Yes, they are. Send them to me, and I shall dispose of them safely, for you.

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