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  • Selcof (Planet X) cheap carbon bars – experiences??
  • RopeyReignRider
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    So I like the look of the cheap Selcof risers for £40 (I appreciate they’re most likely a generic Chinese brand with a logo).

    Thing is, they’re very light (about 140g?) and I’m not (not far off 16st with kit). I’m also not blessed with a particularly delicate riding style.

    So, what are our thoughts on cheap carbon bars in general, weight and strength?

    Has anyone managed to snap / damage any?!


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    I would assume if they’re sold by a retailer in the EU/UK they’ll have passed all relevant safety standards.

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    Those Selcof bars are a bit light for my liking @ 155g will be thin walled at that weight, even with the narrow width.

    If you can spend a bit more CRC had Brand X 780mm / 800mm carbon riser bars @ £55.99 which are solid and have textured areas for stem/grips which means makes it less likely to crush the carbon tightening controls.

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    I’ve got a Selcof flat carbon bar, bought it about 3 years ago for about £15 on PX.

    I’m only about 12 stone, but have crashed it a few times and no signs of damage etc. Would happily buy another.

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    No issues with my Selcof Flat bar. only 58kg though.

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    The Selcof carbon seatposts seem ok too.

    Only used their aluminium bars, but they have been good too.

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    Are they completely unrelated to the old On One Knuckleball bars? PX have a rep for producing same item under various brands and models.

    I’ve got a six year old pair of “chewy” Knuckleball bars still going strong.

    Also had a Selcof carbon post on my road bike for ~4 years.

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    If it’s these, I bought a one last year.

    So far so good. I weigh 15st and these are on a 29er hardtail that gets used in the peaks. Not into mega gnarly stuff but semi-rocky downhills that sort of thing, no massive drops, and they’ve been fine.

    The area the grips and stem clamp on are textured.

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    I’ve a set of the carbon bars that came after the knuckle bars. They’ve been fine. No issues. Textured parts for the brakes and stem etc.

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    If you want cheap Chinese carbon bars then I’ve had these on my hardtail for the past 18 months and they seem perfectly fine and I’m heavier than you.


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    I had a pair on my scandal for a while with zero issues. Swapped them for some wider knuckleballs.

    No idea how they’re so light but they didn’t feel unusually flexy.

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