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  • Sektor coil u-turn vs. Revelation dual position air
  • retro83

    got a Rev RL Dual Air. Very active, more so than my coil pike was (improved seals/bushings?)

    The damping feels better than my (Push’d) Pike was too. I think it has the new DualFlow rebound damper. Dont know if the sektor has this.

    Premier Icon el_boufador

    thanks retro, what’s the tyre clearance like?

    Premier Icon el_boufador

    Hello, trying to decide between these two forks.

    Obviously the rev is more expensive, but not prohibatively so. However I want to know whether the extra features are worth paying for!

    Firstly, what are the differences in damping performance? I’m mainly bothered about plushness/controlledness of compression/rebound action when motion control is fully open – I like an active fork.

    Secondly, what’s the reliability of the rev dual position air like? I’ve read some horror stories on mtbr, but don’t know how much truth there is in it.

    Thirdly, would I need to replace the stock spring in Sektor? I’m about 12.5st-13st kitted up.

    Lastly, and for both the forks since they share the chassis, will they take a nice big tyre? thinking 2.4 conti rubber queen.

    Also any other opinions on either of the forks would be most welcome!


    I have the sektor 150mm u-turns and they are very good compared to my well worn 2004 talas’s. They are silky smooth and a bargain for £250. I am quite a lump so had to change the stock spring which was a doddle. There is a 2.35 high roller sat in them at the moment and there is probably just shy of an inch clearance either side of the tyre.


    Have Recon 327 u-turn and Rev Team. They are very different animals. The Recon has a lovely smooth, linear coil spring feel to it and although it’s kinda heavy the U-turn feature is the absolute dogs wind it down to 95mm on the climbs then crank it up to 140mm on the descents. Very stiff with a 20mm axle. Ideal winch and plummet fork. Loads of tyre clearance 2.4 nobby nic no probs

    The Rev is much lighter and uses tech to try and figure out what’s going on. The dual air allows it to be setup pretty much any way you want and it doesn’t dive under braking or bob much even though it has a lockout. The light weight means the std qr version is quite noodly and i would go for the 20mm axle if poss. Great trail fork if you use a bit of finesse. Good tyre clearance with various 2.25s haven’t tried a 2.4

    No probs with either fork despite frequent, intense neglect. They are RS after all.


    I swapped my black box dual air team revs for a set of race ones, they are now on my lads bike after the seals kept going….put some coil sektors on and they are plush etc, but I needed a stronger spring.currently have big XR4’S on mine and 2.5 Big Earls on the laddo’s…no issue at all with clearance

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    I’m running both, or was, a 2011 Revelation and a Coil U-Turn, 150mm Sektor. They’re both good forks, personally I like the way air forks ramp up, but that’s a personal thing, both quite plush and good over small stuff. The big difference is the high speed rebound damping, current Revs and last year’s Team versions have a separate high speed rebound damping circuit a bit like the Push mod to RS forks.

    Mostly you won’t notice, but if you really hammer through, say, rocky stuff at speed – think Potato Alley in the Peak for example – the standard RS rebound damper eventually can’t flow enough oil and the fork pretty much locks up, or at least gets very ‘lively because it can’t move fast enough.

    With the Dual Flow or the Push upgrade, it doesn’t, just keeps on working. Don’t know about the spring, I’m about 11 1/2 stone or something, more with a pack, Sektor std spring works fine for me, ditto standard Pike.

    I think the Revelation is a better fork – lighter, more tuneable, better high speed rebound, but the Sektor is ace for the dosh and a Sektor Coil U-Turn with a Push Upgrade, if they ever get round to doing one, would be nice, I think. If you don’t ride through rocky stuff at speed, you probably wouldn’t notice the high speed rebound thing in the same way that some people swear that the Push upgrade made no real difference to the Pike, it does, but only in certain situations – if you’re never in that situation, it doesn’t really matter.

    Depending on how / where / how fast you ride, that may or may not be an issue. In the Peak, on a full susser it is, definitely.

    Don’t know about the two step thing, don’t have one. I’ve got a 2.5 Minion DHF in a Revelation at the moment, it’s not huge for a 2.5, but it’s biggish.

    Premier Icon el_boufador

    Thanks all – food for thought…

    Premier Icon Northwind

    This is possibly unfair but I’m not going to consider a 2-step Revelation til it’s been well tested in the wild, considering Rockshox huge success with 2-position air forks in the past… But I’m a big fan of my Team u-turn Revs, best fork I’ve ever used.

    Ally G

    For what it’s worth I’ve got both a coil u turn sektor fork and a 2010 u turn revelation. The revs are smoother, very light for the travel and also very stiff with a 20mm maxle. That said I’ve problems with them repeatedly losing pressure from the positive chamber and subsequent loss of travel, and they’ve been back to Rockshox twice in 6 months. The sektors aren’t as refined but just work and do their job, and certainly don’t perform like they cost £250 less. I know what I’d go for again in future.

    PS. I’m about 13st fully kitted up and the standard spring in the sektors has been fine for me

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