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  • Seized road brake calipers
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    I have been tasked with removing brakes of an old heap of a genesis that is seriously neglected. The caliper bolts are completely seized and the allen key is starting to slip

    The calipers are for the bin anyway so my only idea so far is to hacksaw through the front of brake where it goes through the fork and the seatstay bridge on the rear and then just punch the lot out the other end?

    Hacksaw suggestions to get it done with the least sweat?

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    Did you try a penetrating fluid like Plus gas? If you have not the do soand leave it to soak in and then try your allen key . Instead of haksawing I would drill the bolt and use a extractor. Works every time.

    Premier Icon barrykellett
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    Will try the plusgas if I can find any local

    I bought a wee extractor tool to take a pair of bolts out of my cleats the other day. I assume it would work for this too? Though It really really is stuck.

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    If the plusgas doesn’t work you could try hack sawing a slot into the bolt and then undoing it with a screwdriver/drifting it out.

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    the part of the bolt by the front of the crown is often very thick. You may damage teh fork too.

    I’d try drilling the bolt – 7mm bit would only have to get through the lip at the back, or take a blade only to the bolt inside the crown from underneath.

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    Beat a torx bit into the allen bolt hole. It will also give the whole thing some shock which can help.

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