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  • Seen any 26" bargain hardtail xc race frames?
  • dobo

    I’m 5’8 so looking for about a 17, 18″ frame for 100mm forks

    xtc or something similar?


    My 2011 carbon S-Works frame will be on the market shortly once I’ve stripped it down

    Seen a few Kona’s come up every now and again pretty cheap on CRC and similar.

    The Kula Primo and Deluxe are both scandium and Kiluea I think is carbon.

    I’ve had a Deluxe in the past and it was excellent.


    singlespeed shep, funny you should say that, i’ve currently got an old scandium primo supreme, excellent frames apart from the BB which has completely striped out, bb just rattles around inside now. tempted to have another though.

    fizzer, never really got on with spesh frames.


    hmm thats neither a hardtail or in the price range im looking at.
    maybe i should change the word bargain to cheap 🙂
    dont mind 2nd hand, after one ride the race bike will never be the same again..


    that carbon frame ticks a few boxes but at £440 was a little more than i wanted to pay, any cheaper ones about?

    2nd hand or older xtc?


    If your anywhere near Skipton then you can have my medium xtc frame for the £50 I paid for it and I’ll include a headset. I built it up 2 years ago but have only used it a couple of times as I much prefer fs.


    Have got a brand new Charge skinny duster frame in medium (blue) if your
    interested in a steel bike.

    It was a bit of an impulse buy, have decided to go for a 29er instead.

    Cost me £160 a couple of months ago but would sell for £130.

    I am based in Suffolk, but still have box and packaging so could easily send.


    mike,have you still got the charge …nik

    If you are interested, I have a trek 6000 in raw that I could do you (green chris king headset optional)

    Premier Icon mike399

    On One Whippet – great frame, definately if your looking for a light, fast, 26er frame with racey geometry.

    (Shameless plug: I’m toying with selling an 18″ with 120mm SID RLT ti’s?)


    Decided to save a bit extra for a carbon job when the time is right or possibly another 2nd hand Sc kula primo.
    my stripped BB workaround is holding up ok for now…
    basically i have removed both spacers between the BB and frame so the BB has something to thred into and then put stem spacers on the outside of the BB before putting cranks back on to get the correct spacing.

    I race a snippet, great race bike but can,t run a triple.
    Needs double front, direct mount mech and funny size bb so check in case you were planning on building from your parts bin.
    Oh and integrated headset.
    Seems to be plenty 26 xc race kit about now everyone’s going 29 er


    Whippet will run a triple. I’ve had two with triples. Bargain race frames.


    I have an Airborne Liberator frame… 16″ but it’s long (I think!) so feels bigger. Was Mrs P’s but it never fitted her and has been gathering dust for a while. Similar geometry to the Ti Lancaster but made of Alu… looks great and not many of ’em about, drop me a line if interested!


    Put an ad up in the wanted section here. I did ended up with a cracking Scott scale frame for £250. Finished up with a sub 21lb budget racer. 😀 😀


    Is THIS any good? I’ve been thinking about it as a “cheap” upgrade.

    Premier Icon sefton

    pauls cycles might still have some cannondale scaplels & flashes

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