Seems everyone has a new bike. If not, how old is your main bike?

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  • Seems everyone has a new bike. If not, how old is your main bike?
  • billysugger

    ….am I paranoid ?

    Depends how big your dog is


    I raced trans provance last year on an 11 year old bike. I regurly ride a 1994 bike but my main first choice is 2009 ti hardtail for the UK.


    A few old pics:

    My Kona, circa 2003ish before I revamped it.

    Early 2006, just after rebuild but pre-Fox.

    My old play bike. Built around a Trek 7000 (I think) frame that a mate was skipping. I had it stove enamelled black and built it up with a full Deore groupset, an RST 281 triple clamp fork, Magura HS33 brakes, Mavic 517 rims, Titec finishing kit and DMR V8 pedals. Everything bar the frame was brand new but bought in sales, I think the whole bike only cost around £500 to put together.

    Premier Icon colournoise

    Frame and wheels (inc. brakes) are nearly 3.

    I’m a serial tinkerer, so everything else has been replaced at least 2 or 3 times. First build and current build –

    May well become classic Trigger’s Broom this year if I get a BFe and bigger forks as I (half) plan to.

    slainte 😆 rob

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    Got the frame for Christmas 2007.
    1st test ride of it all built up was Feb 3rd, 2008.

    So pretty much exactly 4yrs old. Doesn’t seem that long.

    Premier Icon Bustaspoke

    My main bike is a 2005 Giant NRS,bought new in 2007. I also have a 2003 Hardrock,but I hardly use it these days.My other mtb is a 2005 Enduro but that’s a dust collector,I think it’s over biked for stuff that I do over here but great for the Alps.
    Roadbike’s a 2010 Allez & probably gets more use than the NRS.


    2008 Stiffee with a mish mash of components. 2008 pro2s on 819, 2009 XTR, 2011 XT brakes

    2006 Turner RFX, with 2011 Pro2 Evos on stans arch, 2009 XTR, 2009 SLX, Saint M810 brakes.

    Got a 99 Allez Comp and a 2010 Felt F3 too.

    Oh and an 89 SS Emmelle Dolomite.


    Six years. It’s a first model kuota kharma on neutron wheels with campag chorus carbon groupset. My fun bike, on one 456 is 10 months old. Love both of them :0)


    all built from second-hand bits I believe the frame is late 90s. Most of the rest of it is 5+ years old


    Last year i replaced my 2001 nrs/xtc team with a 2006 yeti asr sl. Bits on it are a bit newer: 2009 fork, 2008 brakes. But that is my ‘flash’ bike!

    Posh-ish frames and bikes are well expensive: If I broke up all four of my bikes and sold every last part on the classifieds here, I still couldn’t afford the rrp on the 2012 equivalent my frame.: yes, just the frame -then I’d have to buy the rest of a bike to go on it.

    Premier Icon spacehopper

    my new bike.. 8)

    Jan 27 by spodhopper, on Flickr

    new.. but 21 years old..!


    2005 SX Trail with Sherman forks, but with some newer bits on it (X9 10 speed mech and shifter).

    I tend to buy a lot of stuff second hand. I’ve been riding since ’96 and have only had five brand new bikes / frames in that time.


    2007 Soul – all I’ve replaced from the original build is rims, tyres, drivetrain, saddle, seatpost, headset…er…

    Premier Icon brassneck

    2001 Superlight, no intention of replacing it till it snaps.

    Premier Icon binners

    How old is my bike? Which bit?….



    Main bike 2009 (Lapierre Zesty)

    Play bike 1997 (DMR Trailstar)

    BMX 2011 (FIT Brian Foster)


    with my riding being curtailed to swift couple hour blasts round the remote and swampy singletrack at the local woods for the next few months.. my main bike is now this..

    I present to you.. the £10 all in Daiwoo Thinglespeed 😀

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    The bike I ride most (currently) is a 12 year old bottom-of-the-range Trek road bike. My “posh” bike is a 4 or 5 year old Whyte 46. My other bike is a 14 month old Ragley made out of a combination of new and old parts. If I could only keep one it would be the Ragley, but if I had to get rid of one it would also be the Ragley. Not sure, therefore, which is my “main” bike.


    2006 Prophet 2006
    2007 Superlight 2007
    3rd gen Inbred no idea of it’s age, bought 2nd hand and I’ve owned it 4/5 or more years?
    Only bike I’ve ever bought new is my 2004 Gemini

    Nothing new appeals to me & all of the above (FS’ers) are so much fun I can’t see any point in replacing them.

    Premier Icon psling

    What I would class as my main bike was made at the end of 2002. Having said that, my commuter does more miles, that is a 2005 bike.

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    relliott6879 – who welded/brazed the disc tabs on to your fire mountain for you? And how much was it? out of interest like…

    Premier Icon mattbee

    Main ride is a 1996 Bontrager Privateer. Lovely steel frame that rides so nicely I don’t know what I’d replace it with.

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