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    The Racing Ralph’s won’t go on the Crest 29ers too easily
    so if you plan to take them off at regular intervals or suspect you may have to do it on the trail, I’d pick another tyre/rim combo


    Hi there,
    – excuse my German but there might be some errors below –

    I am currently completing an Inbred 29er single speed and would be very grateful for any advise regarding final component selection. Main questions: brakes, tyres, cranks

    Here’s the list of parts and further down the brief of what I expect from the bike. Any comments and recommendations welcome!

    Frame: On One Inbred 29er 16″ SwapOut
    Fork: On One Carbon
    Headset: On One Smoothie Light
    Seat: SQ Lab 611
    Seat Post: Thomson Elite
    Seat Clamp: On-One Forged Alloy

    Stem: Thomson Elite, 50-70mm, 0° or negative°, 25.4
    Handlebar: Salsa Alloy Moto Ace 25.4 (-> light, stiff vs. adding compliancy?!)
    Grips: Odi Attack
    Disc Brakes: Shimano XT M785 (-> should be light, hassle free, mud resistant, maintenance friendly)
    Wheelset: HOPE HOOPS PRO3 SP-XC3 with Stans Crest (-> should be light but robust and relatively stiff)
    Tyres F&R (?!): Schwalbe Racing Ralph (-> should be light and allow for controlled drift-ability, smooth transition into corners, mud not important)
    Cranks: Rotor Agilis (-> should be light, stiff, simplistic)
    Chain rings: Rotor, round
    Bottom Bracket: Rotor
    Chain: KMC X9-SL Superlight Chain

    The bike is meant to be:
    – round steering and sweet handling on flowy and tight single-track for fun-biased XC use with the odd bunny hop
    – smooth transition from straight to cornering on hardpack and looser forest tracks (that’s Norfolk for you)
    – predictable driftability and controlled grip, good front-end bite more important then rear wheel traction
    – relative compliant ride
    – lightweight (<10.5kg) with focus on rotating mass,
    – no fuss reliability and hose-down mud-resistancy
    – reasonable priced (<1,200,–),
    – easy to upgrade to Dingle and gears

    The bike shouldn’t be/doesn’t have to be:
    – fancy
    – color coded
    – heavy on brand names (at least not for the sake of it)
    – ultimately stiff
    – ultimately grippy
    – exceptional in the mud

    Many thanks for any comment!


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