Seeing 'spots' while running – should I be worried?

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  • Seeing 'spots' while running – should I be worried?
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    I just returned from a run of 4kms, and when I was about 2/3s of the way into it, I started getting ‘spots’ of white – like light spots – in my vision. No other symptoms (other than feeling more tired than normal before I began).

    I have never had this happen before, and they eventually disappeared (after a few minutes). Finally, I don’t know if it’s relevant, but I was wearing my contacts, which I normally don’t do while running.

    Any thoughts, other than cat aids?

    I occassionally get that. I haven’t died yet.


    I’ve been warned by my optition that if I get a lot of floaters it could be the sign of a detaching retina as I am at a higher risk due to a moderate astigmatism. I don’t know if spots are included in this.

    Sounds a bit migrainey. Which is influenced by blood flow “up there”. Do you suffer, or do parents / siblings?

    Detached retina sounds scary.

    Definitely one to get checked out I reckon.

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    I read in a running magazine that it’s probably due to blood being drawn to more active parts of the body during strenuous exercise. legs, heart, so on.


    Sounds a bit like what I get when I’m running low on blood sugar when out on my bike- I start feeling a little bit dizzy and then I get coloured spots in front of my eyes. That’s my signal to eat something.
    Could be that, or migraine aura, which I also get sometimes.


    Spots in my vision is also a warning that my blood sugar has dropped too low (type 1 diabetes) and I need to do something about it quickly

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    I get that if my blood pressures changes too much – like if I stand up quickly having crouched down for a few minutes.


    I often see spots squatting or deadlifting near my max. I also go deaf for about 2 mins afterwards….


    I used to get that stretching off after a hard ride sometimes. These days my physiological make up must have changed as I’m sure I would chunder before I got to that point.

    If it’s worrying you, go and see your GP about it. They won’t usually send you for a catalogue of tests unless you need it or they’re bored/fancy whoever they’d have to talk over the test results with.

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