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  • Sedona & Flagstaff Arizona mountain biking (day) trips
  • zelak999

    I’m off for a family holiday to Flagstaff Arizona for a couple of weeks in July.
    I want to hire a full susser while out there and do some trails in Flagstaff and Sedona.
    I’ve noticed there a a few bike shops (bike and bean etc) and want to know the best trails to do and the best shop to hire from.
    I’m more into all mountain/trail riding than freeride, any advice is welcome!


    Bike and Bean were nice guys but not sure about hire from them as I took my own bike. Pretty sure they had hire bikes though.

    I can reccomend this book and the maps within it.


    Ideally buy it here and take a copy of the pages and maps for what you “might” do with you.

    Mt Eldon trails at Flagstaff – beware the altitude as beathing up top of Mt Eldon was hard… but the trails were ace

    Pic from Rocky Ridge Trail on my way down from the top.

    Some Sedona stuff here – again some great trails here. Very different to Flagstaff but equally brilliant.

    Sunset in Sedona

    Jealous… I’d love to go back and have more than half a day at each.


    Thanks Messiah, that looks awesome!
    How would you grade the Rocky Ridge trails? Black or Red?


    Without refering back to Cosmic Rays book and checking what I did I would say most of the “normal” trails listed are red; i.e. Up Schults Creek onto Sunset then brookbank and rocky ridge. But there are loads not shown on that website map 😉 . Using Rays book I hunted out some black trails which were absolutely brilliant and were indeed black. There were a few tricky bits in some of the trails that would require a look first but they were obvious. The book was well worth buying. Its not uk trail centre type trail marking so you need to understand the map and be willing to double-back if it doesn’t look right etc. Trail wise I would say more like the black at Glentress than the red… more natural feel not designed purely for bikes, but not exactly natural.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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