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    or just tape over the sensor and it will stay on all the time,use a low energy bulb to save global warming though.


    A load of sheds got broken into in our street last night, they missed ours somehow!

    Really need to get a security light fitted, i know there are standard PIR ones but on a ride today somebody mentioned 'low energy photo-electric cell controlled light'??, it stays on all night (comes on at dusk)and goes off at dawn. theory being it deters theives as it is constanlty on so hoepfully making them bigger off. i like the idea of a constant one as we have a cat who is in and out all night.

    any advice or tips i know theres no magic bullet as if they want to get in they will, dont mind spending a bit more for a tidy one.


    you could try something like a lantern, with a low wattage bulb, running of a time clock. That could stay on all night, then have alight with a sensor, as a backup… Go for a halogon for security purposes… Oh, and personally i think its a good idea to have a separate PIR to the light fitting…


    Are you serious? a light?

    You want to scare a would-be burglar with a light.


    House in darkness but a light on, oh, never mind, we'll not rob the bikes then.

    maybe it's been a long day, but unless it was some form of plane-spotting light with the power of 112 suns, i'd look at a decent alarm on the shed/garage with a big chuff-off siren (which with a decent alarm, false triggers are kept to an absolute minimum/zero)


    be considerate to any Jewish neighbours you may have, fridges have switches on their lights for a reason ya know!

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    get a PIR with an indoor door chime.
    Tape over the bottom of the sensor so that the cat doesn't trigger it.
    If the light comes on then you get a chime in your bedroom so know that the light is on. Great invention.

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    I think a light is a great idea, very considerate. they'll be better able to see what they're doing as they prise the lock off the shed door.

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    **Awaits the what you need is the static land mine (or whatever they're called) and electrified shed handle brigade**

    We had a break into our garage. We called out the Crime Prevention Officer, who is now the Crime Reduction Officer! He advised doing away with PIR lights altogether, and replacing them with low energy bulbs linked to a dusk to dawn sensor. Apparently that's what crims least like. Seems to have worked – we've not been troubled since.

    I read somewhere that burglars prefer big halogen lights as they are so 'glary' that positive identification is difficult – imagine trying to adjust your eyes to 1,000,000 watts of daylight in the middle of the night…

    We have a lighting system on a time switch (patio uplighters, gate lights etc – all LED for low energy consumption) and a lantern on a sensor (with a low energy low wattage light.


    I understand the problem, but constant night-time lighting's one of my pet hates – contributes to light pollution, adds to light coming in round curtains/blinds (worse with the latter), and disrupts moth behaviour – ie night time pollination. Also, if you leave your curtains open a chink to help wake yerself in the morning (as I used to), someone's external lights buggers that up.

    The building I work in is filled with PCs/workstations, we've not infrequently had complains from the neighbouring estate about the light levels when some of the numpties in the office don't turn their monitors off.

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