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  • Premier Icon jimmy

    yeah, was giving the SO shoulder rub watching it. Good job she was facing away… mwwaaaaaaaaarrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhh :'(


    I used to find them good, now I just get bored of watching wealthy people indulge their need to displace some guilt 😆

    Seriously though, I may be cynical but it looks to me like most of them see it as a fashionable way of ticking the “good citizen” boxes.


    You should have seen last nights then coffeeking, it was a belter! not a very good advert for Blackpool either…

    Premier Icon winstonsmith

    the ones i’ve seen have all been the same. rich person goes back to roots, is shocked, gives some money, people cry, rich person feels better.

    heavy undertones of the notion of the ‘deserving poor’

    Premier Icon jimmy

    only ever seen that one in full but can see the format for the series. surely charity places like that must see a random bloke / woman turn up with a C4 film crew and think ££££££££££££, lets turn the screws a bit.

    Seems very coincidental that he met;

    i. A heroine addicted woman – his sisters died from heroin.
    ii. A royal marine commando from the same regiment as his grandad.

    iii. An alcoholic – he had a drink once…
    iv. A kid with a brain tumour – he has a son, too.

    Still, I was crying like a girl.


    Great show, not seen it for ages though!


    The salute by the WWII veterans… it suddenly got very dusty in my living room.


    Anybody watch this and not manage to howl like a baby by the end? 😳
    Last nights was a classic – childrens hospice and old servicemen… thought i was going to bite through my tongue sitting watching it with the wife!

    Was one of the better ones and I try to make a point of watching the programme every week.
    The guy was still quite ‘real world’ and I think he took as much away from it as anyone.
    Not the most money that’s been given away but certainly one of the most moving and sincere imo.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    I’m finding it a bit formulaic now, and I was a bit cynical as to the amount of research they’d done to see how many different reasons they could make the guy cry in a one hour show, but, jeez, last nights was a belter! I was surprised how little he gave to the two charities given some of the other shows, but he gave what was immediately useful. Given that WWII vet a cheque to give to the charity of his choice was one of the most thoughtful and touching donations in any of the series.


    God he could pi55 tears for a big fella couldn’t he…


    How do you become a millionaire owning a scrapyard? That’s about all I saw…

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