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  • Second Avro Lancaster – yahoo!
  • I’d like to see this flying surrounded by those 34 spitfires they’re about to dig up in Burma


    It’s a pity Lotto money couldn’t be given to help fund these projects


    Saw this last night and the brothers tribute to their brother. Beautiful.


    Forgot to mention, hope those of you who like these sort of planes are coming to Duxford for their Flying Legends airshows.

    Last year they had 20 some planes in the air at the same time as the finale, the sound was amazing. (you can actually re produce this sound by riding with Conti Barons on tarmac, i learned this at Christmas lol )

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    I like how this one engine (and all its variants) was used in soooo many different planes.

    The meteor engine (simplified and naturally aspirated but the same overall design) cropped up in a load of tanks as well, and, er, a Rover SD-1 😆

    Love this video

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    Duxford flying day is on the agenda for this year. My 3 year old saw a spitfire in flight over Martlesham last year and loved it even more than me.


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    Didn’t know until I saw the BBC report that this is the one and the same Lancaster that used to be at Blackpool Squires Gate years and years ago. I remember as a small boy looking round and clambering aboard it with my dear departed dad.

    Indeed it is. Me and my also-dear-departed Dad were lucky enough to have a mooch around while it was here too – if memory serves, we just wandered into Westair’s clubhouse as it was parked nearest to their hangar, Dad played the “former Lancaster aircrew” card, and one of the instructors took us over, simple as that!


    Kermit Weeks at Fantasy of Flight has the majority of KB976 Lanc B10 stored in containers. She was very badly damaged in a hanger collapse and it’s going to be a long time till she is rebuilt.
    I e-mailed them a few year back and there was no plan for a time to even start work.
    I worked on her at Strathallan in the early 80’s before Sir William Roberts sold off the collection (still have the catalogue).
    Had e-mail conversations with a RCAF Nav (Ivan Ransome)who flew in her in the Canadian Artic, he said she got them home a couple of times on 1 engine !

Viewing 9 posts - 41 through 49 (of 49 total)

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