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  • steve_b77

    Have you put grease on the rails of your saddle?

    Mine used to creak without it

    i’ve not greased the rails nope, but then i didnt when i fitted it at xmas, and its been fine till now

    the squeaking i was getting was where the rails go into the plastic, i dipped some wet lube in and sprayed some gt85 and it instantly cured the squeaky noise

    this isnt the same, its like a cracking noise that just happens upon sitting on the saddle

    but i have got some carbon paste, is that the thing i should use on the rails?


    I had this with a Syncros carbon post and an SDG saddle, no amount of stripping and greasing and tightening and loosening bolts would cure it, tried an Easton post on the SDG and they were fine, tried a different saddle on the Syncros post and they were fine too..
    Go figure…

    anyone else had this? im seriously thinking 2nm for my thomson collar really isnt much at all! it sort of sounds like somethings not tight enough i reckon

    its only happened since i took the saddle off to clean/erradicate the squeaking in the rails

    Had this on my roadie the last few weeks, took me a while to diagnose but a quick application of toothpaste to the lower part of the post stopped it straight away.

    anybody else got/had this? ive finally cured the sqeaking saddle syndrome on my fizik gobi xm, only for a few rides on to suddenly have acquired a rather horrible cracking sound when i sit on the saddle, or go over and off road bumps still sat on the saddle, its not there when i climb out of the saddle but as soon as i sit back down it does an initial crack type noise once, same basically every time i move out of the saddle….

    so as its ive dismantled the seat/post to get rid of the rails squeaking, have i just not tightened something back up tightly enough?

    im using a reverb with a thomson collar (non-qr), and the torque for the collar is just a measly 2nm, which ive done using a torque wrench but im sure its either that, or ive not actually tightened the reverb seat bolts up tight enough?

    please tell me this is the likely cause and not suddenly acquired a shitty creaky noise somewhere else on the bike 🙁

    redeeming fact is it only does it when seated or getting back into the seat, ie not out of the saddle at all

    toothpaste? 😆

    did you just smear it on the inside of the seat tube too or literally just the post?

    well, i unscrewed my reverb bolts, which were covered in dust/mud, and ive put some copper grease on them and cleaned etc, ive also taken my thomson seat collar off and put some carbon paste on the inside of it and outside of the frame….

    torquing my reverb bolts back up to 10nm (as suggested) seemed very very very tight, they seemed to just want to keep tightening…hopefully this should cure it now

    Toothpaste? Is that a roadie thing?


    I had an old cannondale saddle that always squeaked where the rails entered the plastic. Structurally fine, but sooooo annoying!!


    Is there grit in and around the seatpost clamp? I’ve had exactly the same issue twice; both times I cleaned the clamp, post and the frame around the area and then put some grease on the post. Worked for me anyway…

    Having said that, I don’t have a Reverb or the like, and I assume the grit works it’s way in when I lower and raise the seat the old-fashioned way. That’s probably not an issue if you’re using one of those new-fangled magic uppy-downy things like all you young folks have on your bikes.


    Toothpaste is just something some folk use instead of carbon paste.

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    My money would be on it being the seatpost creaking/cracking in the seat tube.
    Try greasing the lower part of the seat tube then inserting the seatpost and using carbon paste round the top.
    The grease in the bottom will stop the creak/crack and the paste will stop it slipping where the clamp is.

    cheers guys, reckon it will either be the reverb bolts (dry as a bone and muddy/dusty dried), and actually werent very tight at all when i came to undo them

    or as Singlespeed stu says the seatpost in the tube, either a) not being clamped tight enough, or b) even grit in the clamp/tube…

    will report back and will put some grease in the frame and a smear of carbon paste on the top part…

    the lube in the rails defo worked for the squeaking noise, and im sure ill eradicate this too, its defo seat/post/tube related!

    Premier Icon bigblackshed

    Seat post creaking in the seat tube. I had it when I put the Hope Eternity post on. Had to tighten the seat clamp up a lot more than when the Thomson was on there. Carbon paste also helps.

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