Seating tubeless when tire is loose on rim.

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  • Seating tubeless when tire is loose on rim.
  • Dales_rider

    Good question, I cant get my Maxxis advents to seal

    I found foam tape in the rim bed was the answer.


    Can you put a strap/rope around the outside if the tyre to push the bead on whilst you inflate or push the tyre down above the valve when you inflate?

    Premier Icon Northwind

    If you pop it on with a tube, does it stay on the bead? If not, walk away, it’ll not be reliable riding… But if it does, then the inflate with tube, remove tube, reinflate trick is very effective, more so if you pull the tyre onto the bead a little around the valve.

    Schwalbe’s tolerances seem to be all to balls tbh


    I have read you post and see that you have tried the usual tricks but on the off chance have you seated the tire using a tube, leaving it for 24 hrs and then gently removing the tube just before inflating? In my limited experience if one side is seated I can get the other to hook up. I have only ever used a floor pump though.

    I imagine it would be a real pain to do this at a garage, most systems I have used seem to give a very progressive inflation rather than the ‘pop’ of air I imagine you may need. I could be wrong…just trying to help!

    Popped a tube in yesterday in the hope that it’d give me a start but no, soon as I let the pressure out back to the same problem.

    I’m going to train with it tubed a couple of times and see if it’s worth the hassle, then I’ll give the strap (should try this asap really but too lazy to find a strap!), or foam tape tricks a go.

    Premier Icon Pawsy_Bear

    Maxxis easy best tubeless IMHO. Have you got LUST versions?

    Clean tyre rim and wheel rim and smear in sealent makes them slip into seat

    Put tyre on, add sealent. Make sure you bang the tyre into position all the way around. Track pump and goes up first time. Used tyres can be a bit more of a faff but I nevr not been able to get them up even HRII which are non tubeless.

    Premier Icon Capt. Kronos

    I have a big pot of Pink Panther gloop and a compressor/Prestaflator combo.

    Some schwalbes which were a loose fit popped on no bother. I accept this is an extravagant route mind….

    A couple of turns of gaffer tape should bring it up to size, plus or minus one turn..

    I’ve been running tubeless for a couple of years now and find it less hassle than messing about with a wobbly inner-tube.

    However have recently acquired some American Classic tubeless wheels and unfortunately Schwalbe tires are too loose a fit to get any kind of initial seal.

    Switched allegiance to Bontrager which go up with a few gentle pumps, no soap/water and even hold air without sealant for 24hrs – bliss!

    Rashly bought another Schwalbe to try again (I’m a racer so a bit of a tire obsessive)but same issue.

    Thought about adding a couple of layers of tape to the rim to build it up a bit.

    If I have to resort to using a compressor, I guess I need an adapter to convert the Presta valve to Schrader. Is my local petrol station the best place to go?

    Please no replies about soapy water etc. I’ve fitted a lot of tires in the last two years and know all the usual tricks.


    I ended it up buying a small compressor, great piece of kit for not just tubeless tyres but drying the bike bike off on cold days after washing.

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