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  • Seat Ibiza – retrofitting parking sensors or camera
  • RustyMac
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    My better half has a 2013 Seat Ibiza Fr which comes with the detachable Garmin navigation/media unit.

    The car has not been factory fitted with parking sensors or a reversing camera however on similar spec cars these options are available and link in with the satnav unit as a display.

    Does anyone know if a camera or parking sensors can be retrofitted and tie in with the existing car equipment rather than having additional sounders / displays.
    Is this type of thing a job solely for the main dealer or should i be looking else where?



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    I did a quick search on Seatcupra.net & it was a bit unclear. Sounds like you can fit a Cobra kit, but I wasn’t sure if this ties in with the in-car screen or not.

    A few threads mentioned the dealer doing this job for around £200-300.

    Here are the links I found anyway:




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    Cheers for seaching stumpy. Seems a bit of a minefield.

    I’ll pop the dealer we bought from a email and see if they will quote me a price for installation including integration to the seat portable system head unit.

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    quote me a price for installation including integration to the seat portable system head unit.

    Good luck with that. I would expect something crazy like £1000+ to come back.

    There are loads of after market fitting companies, I would try that route.

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    Ime, Stumpy is on the right path.

    I’ve two VAG cars and whenever I’ve wanted to retro fit stuff, I scan the forums. Usually there’s a “how to” for the common retro fits.

    I have a VCDS cable and a copy of Elsawin, both of which are very useful.

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