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  • I’ve got a tiny 0.3l one from decathlon which clips to the saddle rails, no tools required so easy to move it between bikes. Just holds a CO2, lightweight tube, patches and multi tool.

    Got a couple of different sized airwave ones from CRC as well (about 0.4 and 0.7l I think), they clip on with a buckle style fitting which is screwed to the rails. Use them on the MTB as they hold bigger tubes etc, brake pads, chain links, and a few other things.

    Usefull having one on each bike with the correct tubes, chain links, brake pads etc. and saves back pockets for gillets, arm warmers, food, etc, and saves having to search through the garrage for the correct stuff to fill the camelpack with (or carying everythign but the kitchen sink every ride).

    Whatever you get (apart from the tiny 0.3l one), put everything in an old sock, and the innertube away from anything sharp, otherwise the rattling will drive you round the bend and you’ll have holes in the tube before you even fit it.


    Good plan, having one per bike would stop my usual forgetful issue.


    After a couple of near misses on the lovely, freshly hedge-trimmed cycle track between home and work, I’m starting to think that I need to carry a minimal/basic puncture repair kit on my bike pretty much the whole time. Normally I would just bung the kit and a small pump in whatever bag I’m using that day, but since I don’t use a bag 50% of the time, that’s going to land me in trouble at some point.

    From the Internet, the Topeak Aero Wedge bags look quite nice for carrying a minimal kit, but which size would people recommend, the micro or the small? It really is for just a couple of levers, some tyre plasters etc, maybe a new 700c inner tube. That’s it.


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    Topeak bags are great, although if you have a Fizik saddle their bags are even better as they slot straight onto the clip which is hidden behind the logo.

    I have the medium Fizik bag on my roadie (they don’t list the size in litres unfortunately) although the small probably would have done. I can fit a tube, 3 co2 canisters, levers & patches, multitool and emergency money and still have a bit of space left over.

    Unless you’re not planning on carrying a tube in it I wouldn’t go for a micro.


    Topeak sidekick tool system for me, no rattle from tools and just enough space for 29er tube, Co2, mini first aid kit also have it on a Prologo seat which has a seat clip like the Fiizik which has the advantage of putting the bag tight against the seat away from the post so it does not interfere with my dropper

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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