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  • Sea kayaking holiday in the med recomendations?
  • Would be too hot for me. The Stockholm archipelago is good but might be too cold at that time.

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    Thinking about going on a sea kayaking holiday next spring, want to try and fit it in fairly early season and would like a little sunshine so somewhere in the med seams first choice (and my budget won’t stretch to long haul).

    I was thinking of either Croatia (so far 1st choice preference), Sardinia or the Greek islands.

    Just wondering if anybody has done something similar, got any recommendation for a company to go with, or maybe even suggestions for alternative venues.


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    the sun will come out sooner or later, you’ll see Eagles, Seals, and Otters, your head will explode as you try and take in the beauty of it all.

    i recommend ‘Skyak’.

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    Skye really really really isn’t the trip I am looking for.

    Would love to go up to the Norwegian fjords, but in the summer rather than spring, I have an idea to go up do a week of kayaking, some cycle touring and some walking, in a bigger combined trip at some point in the following years.

    But for now I am looking for some spring sunshine to bring me out of hibernation after next winter.


    We went with on a sort of make it up as you go along holiday. Ideally we could have done with more wind, but marcel looked after us well. It was hot. We camped but cheap hotels are not far away. It’s not quite Trail Addiction standards. prepare to be flexible. His boats are hobie adventure, pedalling/sailing trimarans. If there is wind you could get pretty far in day.
    I’d go again in a flash.


    Sea Kayak Kefalonia are very good.

    We spent a few days with them a few years ago.

    They’re very good and the scenery is pretty spectacular.


    Bare with me on this..

    im going to skiathos soon and i couldnt help but notice this when i was looking for some kayaking places.

    corsica is worth looking at, i went there in may and it was really beautiful, lots of little beaches that can only be accessed from the sea, with big mountains as a backdrop. i was just mucking about in a sit on top mind, not proper long distance stuff. loads of good mtb too. it is a bit pricey when you get there though.

    Can’t recommend too highly Cardedu Kayak on E coast of Sardinia. Just looking at the photos on Flickr convinces you Francesco is also a MTB guide -;)


    Just back from Dubrovnik. Plenty of people sea kayaking. Lots of bays and islands to explore along the Dalmatia coast of Croatia I think. Beaches are very rocky though with no sand.

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    Menorca is another option in the Med. Been a few times and is great for sea kayak, very different scenery North/South. Lots of beaches, coves ,caves…kayak is very popular with the locals.

    The 9 days tour of the island is great for experienced kayakers, you can camp on the beaches (only if you are kayaking). Day trips are great as well, being a small island you can chose your route depending on weather conditions(wind).

    Menorca en kayak is just one of the many companies offering kayak trips.

    Spring isn’t usually too hot, end of May or beginning of June would be ideal for me.

    If you want to stay local as others have said Skye and North West Scotland are very nice.

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    Sardinia looks gorgeous – a friend sent photos from staying here:

    She was mainly raving about the food but the kayaking sounds great too.

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