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  • Scratched Xbox game??
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    Check the manual, some publishers offer a disc replacement service.

    Other thing you might want to try, if you know someone else who has it, borrow it and install it to HDD. Your duff disc might not be good enough to play but is probably readable enough to pass the copy protection.

    Cheers I don’t know anything about the HDD but I’ll look into it.


    Game sort them out for a price,of local game shops might be cheaper it’s only a few ££££.

    I’ve scratched an Xbox game when I moved the console while it was on, it’s near the outer rim, can you repair this or is it fooked?
    It no longer plays online, it loads half way then comes up disc unreadable.

    Thanks I’ll drop into game and ask, was going to phone them but the local one has no registered number.


    Aye, I’ve taken a disk back to Game before now and they put it through a machine which fixed it up nicely. It had a massive scratch in it too.


    Polish it up with brasso or some toothpaste anything that is a fine abrasive etc done this myself with a few games, you don’t need to completely remove the scratch just enough so it can be read.

    I heard about toothpaste somewhere but thought it was a piss take/Internet myth, think I may try game before I go messing about with it

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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