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  • Scotland East Coast – August Weather
  • ricko1984
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    Thinking of doing a north to south tour generally on the East Coast of Scotland.

    What is the weather generally like late July/ early August? Will I get rained upon?

    Thinking like England the weather is generally better on the east side.

    Or should I pray for an Indian summer and go September?

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    July and August are wetter and warmer than September.  But its Scotland – averages are just that.  I have been cycling in t shirt and shorts in sept but also had heavy frosts ( in sheltered glens)

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    You are right – east is drier and sunnier.

    As TJ says, averages are just that and be prepared for rain one day and sun burn the next (like rest of UK), we are not a continental weather system.

    Where on east coast? Eyemouth and Wick have a few miles between…

    We have had a few days that feel like the med – only sea temp that gives it away…
    [url=]Puffarazzi[/url] by Matt, on Flickr

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    We can have a day in mid July that feels like it is mid January, and also vice versa, with only the length of daylight hours being a clue to time of year.
    You can get good/bad cycling days at any time of year, but especially between March and October the chances are that the weather should be better, (don’t hold me to that, please) and if it does rains, then at least the rain will be warmer.
    Also beware that during August, if the Edinburgh Festival/Fringe/Tattoo go ahead this year, then available accommodation around Edinburgh Area might be sparse.

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    I used to live in Inverbervie when I was a kid, one of my abiding memories of the the place is just grey, depressing harr, lot’s of the time. Just grim!

    I’m sure it’s sunnier now though and whenever I head over to see my dad in Stoney it’s usually nice enough 😀

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    Cheers all, pretty much as I expected from my research.

    Will go on the assumption of being abit wet and hopefully have abit of luck.

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    There are almost no midges on the east coast, they get worse as you move inland.
    On the west coast it rains ( sunshine in between the showers) on the east coast of Aberdeenshire and Angus it is damp(and damp in between the showers).

    I’m in south Aberdeenshire, the haar is often in during the summer meaning it can be damp and foggy on the coast, yet baking in the sunshine inland especially Deeside and the southern cairngorms.

    Used to live in Moray which has a much drier and sunnier climate like east Anglia but colder, but it can be windy on the coast.

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    East coast is underrated and very nice. My parents have a place near Lunan bay and we are there every year in August. We have got into the habit of going last couple of weeks as the Scottish schools are back but English schools still. My kids are all grown up so we could go anytime but beaches and attractions are obviously quieter once Scottish schools are back.

    Weather wise we have had horrid NE gales and 2 weeks of solid sun in the last 47 years.

    Lost of things to see and do if you take a road trip up the coast. Personal recommendation would be Arbroath Cliff Tours
    I have paddle these caves and in the right light they are stunning. (Pot luck if the weather/light is right.)

    Plus way less midges than that west coast!!

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