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  • Recommendations please for a kids scooter. Ideally something that will cope with more than just smooth tarmac. Doesn’t need to be a bulky off road thing, but not teeny tiny wheels.

    C.£100 sounds about right for budget, I reckon. Durability more important than “coolness factor”!


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    My 13yr old picked a Blunt Envy S2, for stunts apparently. Seems to be as pricey as MTB 🙈😄


    age of small person important….

    What size wheels, do you want air tyres?

    *Edit, yes was thinking same – is small person 6ft teen?

    Tall 7yr old!

    Probably solid wheels, just as it’s one less thing to go wrong. However, would consider pneumatic (plus slime? )

    Not really for wikkid stuntz, more for hooning around the place.


    my recommendations would be for a sub 5yr old so no help sorry!

    those micro scooters seem to be everywhere, our boy had the smallest one, and smashed it riding into a lamp post. Would have expected more durability from an expensive scoot. No idea if the bigger ones are better

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    the three wheeled micro scooters are less robust than the ali ones because of the steering design.

    we have micro and we like them (6 and 9yo girls) but if I had the choice again I’d look at decathlon ones as well

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    My name is down for one of these next birthday…

    The finest spec scooter coming out of Rimini!

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    That looks like a great laugh

    Anyone with experience of the Decathlon stunt ones? My 6 year old is keen on one in addition to his 3 wheeler Micro, I’m not convinced he’ll get as much use of it as the thinks, so a £40 Decathlon number looks pretty tempting. Are the decent?

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