Scoliosis and/or Fused spine – Frame size experiences?

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  • Scoliosis and/or Fused spine – Frame size experiences?
  • I’m trying to decide between a couple of frame sizes for a build (based on an On One Inbred) or a complete bike purchase (Carrera Vulcan)

    One thing that worries me about the potential build is my inside leg measurement is spot on the frame size change (34″ is the longest leg for the 18″ and the shortest leg for the 20″ frame).

    As my back is fused due to an operation to correct scoliosis I cannot ‘hunch’ or curve my back at all so I suspect I need a ‘longer’ frame which logically points me towards the larger frame, but I can’t try one out

    At least with the Carerra I can sit on it in the shop and see how it feels.

    I think I would get a better bike by building my own and a neighbor has all the tools and experience of bike building and maintenance to help me out, but can’t help me with this question

    Anyone any experience of this type of thing or can anyone direct me towards a ‘simple’ guide to frame geometry that might allow me to access the frame suitability for ‘upper body size’?

    PS – I am too far from the On One shop to pop in and chat/check one out 🙁

    It’s starting to look like I am unique 😕


    Dunno where you are but there are lots of Inbred owners on the forum. Perhaps someone local would offer you a test ride to check out sizing.

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    where are you fused? I have T8-T12 fused and i ride a 19.5″ scandal with a 60mm stem and find it fine. Pre fusing I liked a longer stretched out position but as my stiff bit (!) is between my shoulder blades i find a stretch is too uncomfortable now…

    Used to ride a 20″ inbred but changed to a scandal which i thin translates to the smaller inbred>??>

    I guess it all depnds where and how much is fused?

    How are you fused too? mine is metal work and a cage, dunno if that makes a diffrence


    OP would think you would want shorter not longer in TT? If scoliosis correction presume fusion is at least upper thoracic down to L2 ish?


    Where are you in the country? I have a 20″ 456

    OK, I have had to do some google research as I can’t answer in the detail you are referring to 😕

    Anyway, I have a Harrison Rod and Cable attached to the spine from about the bottom of my shoulder blades to the top of my hips (T1 to L2?). I have the x-rays at home so can check that answer later

    The reason for thinking I want a longer frame is that I was projected to make 6 foot without the Scoliosis. I stopped at about 5″8 and the surgery took me to 5″10. Although that means my torso is shorter than expected (relative to my legs) I don’t ‘curve’ so sit/stand very upright. Traditionally I sit alongside a 6″ person and look a similar height. Maybe the two things do cancel each other out 😕

    As to location. I am based on the West side of the New Forest

    Thanks for the answers/comments so far

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    Katie had two rods attached to her spine last summer, increased her height by 1 1/2″. She has a small Specialized Enduro which fitted her perfect. since the operation she needs to sit on the bike more up right, we are going to fit a shorter stem and some 2″ riser bars to try and sort it

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    wow that some impressive metal work, mine looks small by comparison..

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