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  • Premier Icon sandwicheater

    Recently read and loved the following and would love to know any recomendations of a similar nature;
    Michael Cobley – Humanity’s fire
    Asimov – foundation trilogy
    Frank Herbert – Dune
    Joe Haldeman – Peace & war
    Douglas Adam – Hitchhikers guide
    Robert Heinlein – Starship troopers
    Dan Simmons – Endymion Omnibus
    H G Wells – Time machine, War of worlds
    Iain M Banks – Culture series

    Loved them all and hungry for more.


    Julian May; Intervention then two trilogies, Galactic Milieu & The Saga of Pliocene Exile

    Premier Icon Russell96

    Anything by Neil Asher & Charles Stross,

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    This post will probably cost me a fortune.

    I liked a lot of Heinlein’s works – Stranger In A Strange Land, The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress in particular

    Asimov did the books on which I, Robot was based

    Blade Runner was based on Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep by Philip K Dick. Wasn’t Total Recall based on one of his short stories?


    A big +1 on Neal Asher, particularly the Polity Series


    You’ve continued with the Dune series?

    How about cyberpunk stuff?
    Snow Crash

    Those two will show you where the ideas for The Matrix came from.

    Do androids dream of electric sheep

    I’m reluctant to suggest given his views but Ender’s game is a very good book.


    Space opera: Peter F. Hamilton. Great books, though I should say the ending’s are always slightly disappointing. Still worth reading, though don’t start expecting shakespearian literature…

    Premier Icon andygreener

    How about some Ben Bova – no laughing at the back. Contact by Carl Sagan

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    Did not realise Dune went on past the three books, brilliant!

    Squeezed in ‘do androids dream of electric sheep’ on a flight to Oz. Pissed the wife off no end as didn’t speak to her once. I had a great time though!


    Try Enders Game before you ruin it by watching the film


    Another suggestion: Dredd. Well worth catching up on his adventures if you used to read him, the stories have grown up a lot, they’re no longer children’s comics by any stretch of the imagination.

    Premier Icon vinnyeh

    Altered Carbon

    Red Mars

    Enders Game etc

    Dragon’s Egg – Robert L Forward

    Premier Icon zilog6128

    Brave New World, Huxley. One of my favourites but it’s the only book of his I’ve read. Must read more!


    I so badly wanted to like this as it’s a seminal work but despite the great idea/concept I thought it was terribly written which really spoilt it for me.


    I so badly wanted to like this as it’s a seminal work but despite the great idea/concept I thought it was terribly written which really spoilt it for me.

    Really? I thought it was amazing, razor sharp noir writing.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    Alistair reynolds Revelation Space Series is quite ian m banks esque

    Id really reccomend the Dan simmonds Hyperion and Endymion books and his later Ilium/Olympus is excellent


    “We can remember it for you wholesale” was the book that Total Recall was based on.

    Try Hyperion, it’s a classic in ever sense of the word. Maybe also consider “The Star Fraction” by Ken MacLeod. It’s a damn fine book and part of a good trilogy (the other two are also worth reading.

    To be honest, you could do worse than to go to and just work through the free library. It’s a cruel trick though, you read a couple, then you end up buying the other books of the series from their shop!

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Some already mentioned:
    Snow Crash
    The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress (superb, this)
    Red/Green/Blue Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson- fairly hard work but if you can get into the groove of it, nothing better
    Star Fraction by Ken Macleod and Vurt by Jeff Noon- I love these 2, I’ve worn out my copy of Vurt.
    Stand on Zanzibar by John Brunner (er, I think)
    Spares by Michael Marshall Smith

    aaaand, if you can stand the terrible sex and criminal lack of an editor, the Night’s Dawn series by Peter F Hamilton. Space opera, very silly at times, but his setpieces are superb- it’s like a series of boss fights.


    Alistair Reynolds
    Iain M Banks rip 🙁
    Jon Courtney Grimwood
    Williams Gibson


    Contact by Carl Sagan

    The film is pretty good with its single plot twist, the book has a superb double plot twist.

    Sagan was taken too soon.


    The forever war

    Good book.

    I’m currently reading “Echo City” by Tim Lebbon. fantasy rather than SF but still damn good. Also by him I’ve read “Fallen” and “The Heretic Land”, both very good

    +1 for Julian May’s Saga of The Exiles, starting with The Many-Coloured Land


    Deathworld – Harry Harrison

    I am a massive HH fan and I love all the Stainless Steel Rat books. Bill The Galactic Hero is a real laugh too, quality work poking fun at so much stuff.


    I never understand why fantasy is lumped in with SF. Could not be more different.

    I collect mid century short story SF books, some I have read just blow my mind.

    +1 for altered carbon, enders game & the forever war

    Also would recommend:

    Robopocalypse by daniel h. wilson
    Wool by Hugh howey (part 1 of a trilogy)
    Dark eden – cant remember the author but very good

    And classics like:

    The difference engine
    Rendezvous with rama by a.c. clarke
    Flowers for algernon

    I’m also big Stephen Baxter fan but his books arent for everyone, especially some of the trilogies like phase space which seem to concentrate on the sience rather than caricatures. However books like The Time Ships, which is an imaginative ‘what if’ sequel to hg wells time machine, and his collaborative stuff with ac clarke are pretty good main stream si-fi.


    Two things:
    Tiger, Tiger by Alfred Bester

    How many have you read from this Top 100 SF/F list?

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Ooh, good shout on Altered Carbon. And Flowers For Algernon is just astonishing, some day I might be able to read the ending without crying my eyes out…

    robdob – Member

    I never understand why fantasy is lumped in with SF. Could not be more different.

    Well, it depends. Is Zelazny’s Lord of Light fantasy or SF? (even Amber has a big dash of sf in its world-building) Mary Gentle’s Ash? How about Anne McCaffrey’s Pern series?

    Anne McCaffrey. Read most of her Pern books as a teenager. at first it starts as fantasy, but then they discover the ships buried on the southern continent. ships from where I wonder…

    I remember the Stainless Steel Rat…

    which brings me, in a roundabout way, to Michael Moorcock. Was he really smoking stuff with Hawkwind or what?

    from that top 100 I’ve read 17

    30 of that top 100….

    Sci-Fi on my Kindle at present:

    Ender’s Game
    Pandora: End of days
    Hard Duty
    First Contact
    The Last Praetorian
    First Activation
    The Survivor Chronicles
    Dark Space
    The City and The Stars
    Rendezvous with Rama
    Childhood’s End
    Leviathan Wakes
    The Kane Chronicles
    Mindstar Rising
    Great North Rising
    Zoo City
    The Lost Stars
    Seeds of Earth
    The Reality Dysfunction

    Premier Icon peteimpreza

    Ringworld by Larry Niven

    The Lensman series by EE Doc Smith

    More Heinlein books, anything you can get your hands on!!


    Another vote for Wool by Hugh Howey. Started reading it this evening and suddenly I’m halfway through it.

    Good to see things being recommended here that I haven’t heard of (adds to reading list).

    Recently enjoyed a couple of Russian gems:

    Metro 2033 and a classic sci-fi short, Roadside Picnic.

    Now continuing to work my way through Philip K Dick’s stuff.


    As always lots of good books/author above.
    All the Takeshi Kovacs novels by Morgan are great, waiting for the final A Land Fit For Heroes book,….
    I like Alastair Reynald Revelation space series
    I throughly recommend the China Melville series, not pure sci-fi or fantasy, but great story telling

    56 off that list

    Premier Icon colournoise

    Glad I’m not the only person who thinks Deathworld is great. Never really understood why it hasn’t been a film – would make a great B movie type thing.


    Ken MacLeod is another good one to try.


    100 off that list. I set myself the target to read them all.

    It stopped being fun after a while.


    Not seen that list before, and there’s lots I wouldn’t bother with, but I’ve read 49.
    I would recommend Roger Zelazney’s entire works, if you can find them. I’ve read most of them many times, in particular Roadmarks and Today We Choose Faces. Larry Niven has also written a very large number of novels and short works, many very humorous, and all very much worth reading. All of William Gibson, Charles Stross, and Cory Doctorow’s books are almost essential to anyone who likes intelligent fiction, SF or otherwise; Stross’s ‘Laundry’ books are brilliant, James Bond against Cthulhu! And his other books, Halting State/Rule 34, Iron Sunrise, Saturn’s Children, are superb, very like Zelazney in his style of writing.
    Many others mentioned above are all good reads, like Neil Asher’s Polity series, for example.
    So many books, so little time… 😐


    The Book of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe
    The Demon Princes by Jack Vance

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